What types of map content can my organization add to Google's services?

Learn about the data formats we accept in Google's Complete Map Content Specifications.

Although, we welcome many types of data, we primarily process the following data:

  • Geocoded addresses
  • Road networks
  • Boundaries for localities and administrative areas
  • Building footprints

Since Google Maps incorporates data from many sources, we are best at processing new data that is missing from Google Maps.  If there have been significant changes to a road network or address system, we may not be able to incorporate these changes. 

We also welcome the following types of data, although we may not be able to process all of the data we receive:

  • Parks and protected areas
  • Places of interest (hospitals, tourist attractions, government buildings)
  • Bike paths or lanes
For details, view Google's Complete Map Content Specifications.

You can provide aggregated information about your organization's places of business, including hours of operation, and more through Google My Business.
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