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Terms of Service


What are the Terms of Service?

You will be asked to sign this License Agreement when you upload your data. 

Does my organization have to sign a new agreement each time we provide Google a new content type or more of the same content?

Once your organization has entered into our content license agreement, the Terms of Service will cover all future uploads including more data of the same type and data of other types. . Participation in the Google Transit Partner Program is based on a similar content license agreement.

Can my organization provide geocoded data from services other than Google?

Your organization must own its content or have rights to license it. If you contract a service provider to collect or produce your content, you should make sure you secure the rights to make this content available to a third party. If you have questions about whether your organization holds the rights to license your content, talk with your organization's legal officer.

Does sharing map content with Google entail an exclusive agreement?

No, partnering with Google and entering into our content license agreement does not entail an exclusive relationship.

Is our organization required to give updates to maps we share with Google?

No. You’re not required, but we encourage and welcome updates to keep the map up to date

Can I get my map content removed?

No. Google has the right to keep the content up. Read our Terms of Service within the Geo Data Upload.  If you have sent in the data erroneously, please send an update for a review to modify.  If your map information is found to be illegal, we’ll remove it.

Does Google charge to add to my organization's content?

No. We don’t charge you to index or use your content.

Will Google pay to use my organization's content?

No. We generally won’t pay for the content you provide. We use your maps content at no charge, but we don’t pay for the content.

My organization's map content is in the public domain, would it be possible to download it from our website to use? Or, can my organization provide Google a release without signing a contract?

We are currently not able to review the terms of all data sets in the public domain. To expedite the processing of this data, it is best for it to be uploaded through Geo Data Upload.

Does Google help fund map content collection or development programs?

We do not help fund map content collection or development by national or local governments or other organizations. We believe that the most important benefit we provide our partners is to incorporate their content in our services and thereby make it freely available to hundreds of millions of users worldwide through Google services



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