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Sign up for Manufacturer Center

To share manufacturer information about your products with Google, you need a Manufacturer Center account. Manufacturer Center accounts are suited for brand manufacturers and brand owners of products distributed in eligible countries. When you choose to sign up for Manufacturer Center, you either make your own products or goods or own the brands for other manufacturing companies.

After your account is approved, you can then manage product information about your company and brands.

Before you begin

You’ll need a Google Account (like Gmail) to sign up for Manufacturer Center. If you don't have a Google Account, go to and select “Create account”. Keep in mind that the Google Account email can be different from the business email that you provide when signing up for Manufacturer Center.

Open Manufacturer Center

What to expect when you sign up

You’ll be guided through the sign-up process for Manufacturer Center. After you sign up, we’ll send status updates to the email address that you provided. You’ll also be able to follow up on the verification status in your Manufacturer Center account.

When you sign up, we ask you for:

  • Your business information. This includes your company name, website URL, and a business email address. We use the business information to verify if you can manage products or brands on behalf of the business and to approve your Manufacturer Center account.
  • Your brand information. This includes your brand name and a specific brand website URL, in case it’s different from your company’s URL. You can add more brands when you finish signing up. We use the brand information to verify if you can manage the brand in Manufacturer Center.
  • (Optional) Your Merchant Center ID. If you have a Merchant Center account in which you distribute products from a brand that you own or license, we recommend linking it to your Manufacturer Center account as you sign up. This allows your Merchant Center product data to be synchronized directly to your Manufacturer Center. If you don’t have a Merchant Center account you can skip this step and enter your product information directly in Manufacturer Center after you sign up. Learn more about how to Sync your product data from Merchant Center to Manufacturer Center.


  1. Go to the Manufacturer Center sign-up page.
  2. Indicate your business type. You can choose:
    • Brand owner: You own one or more brands and may manufacture products.
    • Brand licensees: You license one or more brands from another company and may manufacture products.
    • Data partner: You manage products from a brand on behalf of clients. Learn more about How to work with data partners.
      Note: If your business type doesn’t match, you’re a retailer or a merchant, or you choose None of the above, Manufacturer Center may not be the best option for you. We recommend looking into Merchant Center instead.
  3. Enter your business information. Your business information includes:
    • The name of the business, for example, “Google”. This name will also be the name of your overall Manufacturer Center account.
    • The URL for the business’ website. This should be a valid website related to your business name and business email address.
    • The email address for the business. A company domain is required for the email address, for example, A verification request will also be sent to this email address. The request must be approved by this email address as part of the onboarding process to your new Manufacturer Center account.
    • The location of your company headquarters or the registered location of your business.
  4. Enter your brand information. Your brand information includes:
    • The name of the brand, for example, “Google Pixel”. Your brand name can be the same as your business name.
    • The URL of the brand’s website. This can be different from your business’ website.
      Note: When you enter the brand name, leave out additional information like ™, Inc., Corp., or Ltd. If you have multiple brands, you can provide that information later after we approve your Manufacturer Center account. Learn more about how to Manage your brand information.
  5. (Optional) Add a Merchant Center ID (with the brand(s) that you own or license) to link the account to Manufacturer Center. The Merchant Center ID can be found at the top of every page in Merchant Center. Learn more about how to Sync your product data from Merchant Center to Manufacturer Center.
    If you don’t have a Merchant Center account, an account with brands you own or license, or if you don’t want to sync products between your accounts, skip this step. You will be able to add product information in Manufacturer Center directly after you sign up
  6. Read and agree to the “Manufacturer Center Terms of Service”, then select Join Manufacturer Center.

What’s next

  • Your request to sign up for a Manufacturer Center account goes through a verification process.
  • We review your information to make sure that you're a manufacturer, a brand owner, or a licensee, and that you meet the requirements for Manufacturer Center. It may take up to 2 business days to approve your Manufacturer Center account and up to 2 weeks to verify brand information.
  • You’ll receive emails about the status of your account. You can also follow each step of the sign-up process in Manufacturer Center.

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