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How much of my uploaded product information will surface in Google searches and where?

Shopping catalogue may serve relevant information to users when they search for a product. An example of a box for the Google Chromecast (2nd Generation) is shown below.

The images at the top are influenced by your image_link [image_link], additional_image_links [additional_image_links], and video_link [video_link]. The title is determined from the information from brand [brand], title [title], and product_name [product_name]. attributes. 'From the Manufacturer' results are influenced by your description [description] and feature_description [feature_description] attributes. Product details at the bottom of the card are populated using additional rich information uploaded.

How does Manufacturer Center impact Shopping ads results?

Shopping ads results are annotated to show users product manufacturer information. To see how your product appears on Shopping ads results, log in to Merchant Center, click Products in the navigation panel on the left, then click List. Choose the product that you want to view and click the link to the live ad from your Google Manufacturer Center account. When you make changes or edits to a product, use this link to see how your product currently appears on Shopping ads.

Google also offers your product information in detailed form within Shopping ads to display in-depth product information to shoppers. An example of a rich data enhanced shopping catalog for the Google Pixel is shown below:

The title is created from your brand [brand], title [title], and product_name [product_name] attributes. Product_type [product_type] attributes help to determine the category to which your product belongs. Product snippets below the product rank are constructed from the description [description] and feature_description [feature_description] attributes. The full long-paragraph description [description] may appear below. Varying information influences the variant drop-down below the description. The images shown are from the image_link [image_link] and additional_image_links [additional_image_links] provided.

What does it mean when my uploaded products are Active, Pending or Disapproved?

  • Active: Your products that are eligible for the specific destination have been processed successfully.
  • Pending: Your products are in queue for processing for a specific destination.
  • Disapproved: A disapproved product is not eligible for a specific destination. You can review the Diagnostics page for a summary of the issues affecting your products. Review the product details page to see which attributes have been disapproved. To fix issues, use the product detail editor or upload a new feed.

How should I address feed errors and item warnings in my uploaded product feed?

Consult our feed error troubleshooting guide for details.

Can products without unique product identifiers be submitted?

No. Products in Manufacturer Center must have both a distinct ID and GTIN assigned to them.

It is acceptable to use the same value for GTIN and ID or MPN and ID of a single product, but multiple items cannot have the same ID, GTIN or MPN. GTIN codes must comply with GS1 standards. Variants of items with different sizes, colours, etc. must each have their own GTIN.

Are Merchant Center feeds compatible with Manufacturer Center?

Yes. We accept Merchant Center feeds as long as the mandatory fields of gtin [gtin], id [id], brand [brand], title [title], description [description] and image_link [image_link] are included in the feed. Some of these attributes are optional for Merchant Center, so please check that you have included these attributes for a successful upload to Manufacturer Center.

Attributes that are used only for Merchant Center and not for Manufacturer Center will be ignored and will not be visible within Manufacturer Center.

Manufacturer Center feeds will be given preference over Merchant Center feeds.

What kind of analytics are offered by Manufacturer Center?

Graphical and tabular product-level data will be available under the Analytics tab. Learn more about available analytics

Where is Manufacturer Center available?

Review the list of countries that Manufacturer Center supports.

What web browsers does Manufacturer Center work with?

Supported browsers include:

  • Chrome
  • IE10 and up
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Firefox

If you have any issues loading your Manufacturer Center, let us know.

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