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gmail is rejecting email sent from one of my domains. The domain had been hacked but has been secured, when I search for a method of getting off the blacklist everyone says to go to this url: https://support.google.com/mail/contact/msgdelivery to find a form. It took me to this help site. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
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If your domain is a G Suite/Google Apps account, the domain administrator usually has access to  24/7/365 support from Google - see this page.   Non G Suite users, or users of free consumer "@gmail.com" accounts, cannot be helped by using that link. 
G Suite accounts can also use https://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/checkmx/, and the helpful links there.
Otherwise, if some, all, or most of your emails to Gmail accounts are being classified as Spam, or being sent to Trash/Bin at the Gmail end, or Google are blocking your domain, or Google give a warning to the recipient, or if in some cases your mail is delayed before reaching Google at the last hop, or if (again in some cases) your mail is delayed internally at Google, you will need to comply with the Bulk Sender's Guidelines  at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126?hl=en&vid=1-635789122382665739-3305764358  (Note:  this page is badly named, it applies to ALL domains sending to GMail and G Suite accounts.)
In particular, pay attention to:-
(these above links in blue are "clickable")
Changes to MX records may take up to 72 hours to filter through the Internet.
Also check your TLS  https://www.checktls.com/TestReceiver  Google require at least TLSv1.2
Sometimes, but not always, removing links from any signature can help.
If the issue is with forwarded mail, you should read 
Another possibly helpful link https://glockapps.com/blog/remove-ip-address-gmail-blacklist/ Also https://www.rackaid.com/blog/gmail-blacklist-removal/  Using these links, YMMV.
If you are receiving a message "this message is not RFC 5322 compliant:", then you need to read, and comply with https://support.google.com/mail/?p=RfcMessageNonCompliant
If other Google users have marked your mail as Spam, Google will have learnt from this.  You need to get your mail marked as "non spam".
Gmail give the recipients (if a Gmail account) a banner message as to why the mail is in Spam.  You need to get the Gmail banner message from a recipient.  This message may have important clues for you.  Your mails will need to be marked by recipients as "Not Spam";  this is not an instantaneous solution, and may take some time for Google to acknowledge,  No way to speed this up.
Please also check your emails (both body and signature) for spammy content e.g. lots of exclamation marks; "must read"; attention getting, large and/or gaudy coloured text; text the same colour as the background; tiny text; [almost] zero height images; links hidden under text, images or links with a different URL; etc.  All or any of these may mark you as a spammer by Google.  Removal of links in signatures may also help.  Removable of clickable logos/pics in signatures may again be helpful.
If your IP is marked as a Spam Hoster, you will also need to clean this up with your service provider.  Google maintain their own lists, but this posting certainly cannot help you.  Removal from a spam hosting list can take up to four weeks to filter through.  Even after that, Google may treat you account very cautiously, until proven as non spammer.
http://goo.gl/FQXdHx is helpful for bulk email senders and marketers. And this link https://www.unlocktheinbox.com/resources/emailauthenticationcan be very useful as well.
If your domain previously had a bad reputation, and the problems hopefully have now been corrected, Google may treat your mail with caution for some time, until your credentials are established to their satisfaction.
And, as a matter of interest https://support.google.com/mail/answer/1366858?hl=en helps recipients understand why mail is flagged as Spam by Gmail.  Also see https://www.whatcounts.com/2012/03/gmail-spam-warnings-and-their-meanings-for-email-marketers/
After doing all this, and the problems persist, you can use  https://support.google.com/mail/contact/msgdelivery All errors need to be corrected, before doing this.  Google may, or may not, reply. (UPDATE - this link seems to misdirect at present).
mxtoolbox has some good paid services available to help with your email delivery.  www.mxtoolbox.com
Finally, as we can only give general advice (unless your domain is a G Suite account), you may need to seek further help, if necessary, from your domain hoster, or employ the services of an IT contractor.
Repeating - G Suite accounts generally (if qualified) have 24/7/365 support for the domain administrator - see this page.  Non G Suite users, nor users of free consumer "@gmail.com" accounts, will not be helped in this link.
Any 'phone numbers you find on the Internet, or posting here,  pretending to be Google support, are scammers. They cannot help, may hack you, and/or install ransomware.  https://support.google.com/faqs/answer/2952493?hl=en
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