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I cannot recover my old Gmail account no matter what I do. 0 Recommended Answers 26 Replies 1397 Upvotes
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Last edited 5/25/19
No matter what I do, I cannot recover my old Gmail account.
I don't use a phone anymore, so my old phone number doesn't work. I also do not remember the password. I tried to use the closest password I could think of, but it still cannot confirm I own the account. I used it about 2 years ago and want to recover it again. I need help :(.
I even followed Google's tips on recovering an account.
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https://accounts.google.com/signin/recovery provides the only way to recover an account.
If, in some cases, a hacker has changed recovery information etc., then obviously Google do not expect you to know what the changed information is.  You must input whatever you set up the account with.
Using both a device and location that worked previously when accessing  the account  seems to help.   Avoid using a VPN.
Google will not be able to return the account, if you can't provide enough information to convince them that you are the rightful account holder.
Let us know the result.
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Hey this just happened to me on another account too. Unbelievable how they just randomly delete you for NO REAL REASON!
Apparently, according to google, simply logging in is considered suspicious activity (since that's what I did before I got locked out of my account).

Edit: My case is a bit different, because I have the password to the account.
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So let me get this clear. Google gets to randomy disable accounts for no good reason whatsoever? People have registrations behind their emails and google disables accounts "just because"???. How is this acceptable?
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my gmail account is narayan genani@gmail.com
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My phone number (not phone) was stolen and my G-mail / G Drive was hacked. So now they are attacking my bank accounts, credit cards, websites...  everything. Google has been totally unhelpful with just automated systems. This is Cyber Crime Fraud and Google has a duty of care to me as a customer. I can't seem to get through to anyone at Google to stop this madness or at least block the account from being used while they investigate. CAN SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE ???
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You will not get helped by jumping into a thread.
Please start your own unique post.
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I feel the frustration, they need to add more questions or something. I made an account in January, I used samsung pass so I only had to use my finger print to sign in so completely forgot my password, then when my phone broke and I got a replacement I couldn't get into my gmail account anymore. The only question I couldn't answer was my last password I remember because I've only had one for the account and I can't remember it not even the slightest clue. I do remember what emails I had in it though and from where they came from but that's not a question they ask. It's pretty stupid really, there should be a way to contact a customer service to help recover them.
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I recently logged into my gmail account. I am unable to access my mail. We need better customer service than just venting on a thread.

Answers ?
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Sir My Channel Hacked And Hacker Transfer Primary Ownership To Other Id
YouTube Channel Link:https://www.youtube.com/user/milantudu
My Login Email: milantudu@gmail.com
I lost my YouTube access on 18 June 2017. hacker doing some bad think use my google account and google account become disabled. please review my google account and open my account 

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Cant remember my phone numbers that was used for recovery purpose, even cant remember email for recovery purpose. Please help recover
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