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How do I get gmail working? I followed all the instructions and it is still broken. 0 Recommended Answers 17 Replies 3 Upvotes
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Last edited 6/24/19
I opened a gmail account.
I set it up to import emails from my previous account and transferred all the emails from my previous account.
Then every single email was removed from my account and were just gone.
Now, I don't want it importing emails from the defunct account and it keeps importing them and the settings to change it aren't working.  It won't send emails either.

Basically, the account and settings have never worked as advertised, how can I get it working?
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        there are a few ways to stop getting mail from other accounts        
  •  forwarding from that other account - you will need to disable it in that other account ( unless you have a filter set to forward then check your filters )
  •  fetching - go to settings in the account receiving the mail > accounts & import > check mail using pop and delete that account . this one can take a few hours to stop after you delete it
  •  if you are using the new import mail ( and contacts ) feature im not sure if that can be stopped but try number 2 above , if you dont see the account there look just above check mail using pop , it may be under Import mail and contacts and you may see a stop button
  • if the email forwarding to you uses a non gmail.com account then ask their admin - they have the option to enable forwarding at server level so you dont see the forwarding setting active in your account

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It never forwarded the material or addresses properly in the first place when forwarding was turned on, then it deleted everything out of my account for no apparent reason, and then after forwarding was turned OFF, it continues to forwards everything.
The settings for forwarding have not done anything they are supposed to as I stated in the OP.
None of the settings are working as advertised and the entire account is buggy.  What email provider deletes hundreds of emails with no notice or recourse?  What am I supposed to do?  Gmail has literally not worked since setup, it won't even send emails.
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i have no other ideas to stop the import 
why cant you send email ? what happens ? 
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It acts as if it sends them, but they never arrive.  I have sent test emails to other accounts and they never get there.  Gmail doesn't send messages.

Who can I talk to about the import settings and instructions?  They appear to be completely out of date and incorrect and they have completely screwed my account.  I get dozens of imported messages daily that I do not want.
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bad news -  with there being over 1.4 billion gmail accounts , there is no number to call if your email address ends in gmail.com nor any direct email or other type of direct  tech support unless you pay for Google One https://support.google.com/googleone/answer/9004013?hl=en
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The original questions of this post are still outstanding as the posted answers do not actually address them.

What do you do when Gmail will not send messages, only receive?

How do you change import settings? (the online instructions are wrong)
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How do you change import settings?
the only options i know i posted above - try them all again


if you cant send -  click here https://support.google.com/mail/thread/new?hl=en to post a NEW detailed question and someone will help you    
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None of the options you posted above have anything to do with the issue I asked about.  None of them are applicable.  I already stated that above.

Why are you telling me to make a sixth duplicate post?
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they do - they tell you how to stop getting mails sent to another account 
and i asked you to post a NEW question re you cant send mail - its has nothing to do with your original issue 
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please click here https://support.google.com/mail/thread/new?hl=en to post a NEW detailed question and someone will help you    
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