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I'm trying to use voice dictation for Gmail but there is no microphone button. 0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 106 Upvotes
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Why is there no microphone button available on my gmail account?  The microphone on my laptop works fine with all other applications but I don't have the option with Gmail.
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It is an available option.  I just can't get it to work
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If you Google "voice dictation in gmail" you will get a bunch of responses that state that the microphone should be right next to the "send" button.   They also outline how to turn it on but those settings don't exist in my gmail settings for some reason.  
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It (the microphone) was there before in Gmail on my computer (I used it!) but now it is gone. I think Google removed the feature.
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the fact that there is no microphone to talk and text on gmail is MOST ANNOYING!  - Is there a way to do this or do I have to switch to another  email provider - please answer me as this is urgent to my needs - I am  having a hard time typing due to my arthritis and this feature  SHOULD be available - it took me more than ten minutes to type this!
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But it says that you can add it to gmail. "When your tired of typing . Click its microphone in your GMAIL inbox." So if you can't use it in gmail why doe the article say you can?  I tried adding it and the microphone will not show up on my gmail as well.  If you can't put it on your gmail, why does it indicate that you can?
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Everyone ignore the responses that tell us to contact the developer.  It is an extention to add into your gmail from Chrome.  Go into the article sighted above in this thread. "12 Chrome Extensions"  go to number 8. Speak Your Messages With Email Dictation or click here.  Read the directions carefully and add the extension.  When you compose or reply to an email the microphone will show up at the bottom of your email just right of the send button.
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The Email Dictation link to the dictation app is 404ERROR
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go to settings and turn on your voice and activity control for each email address.
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In Gmail, from the online keyboard, hold down the settings button on the keyboard, and the option for the microphone will appear for you to select it.
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This worked for my Acer Chromebook 15.
At  the main google search, type: "email voice to text google chrome "
A site appears to download the mic icon. Hit download, then the mic icon will appear next to the send button on sending emails. Quick and easy after frustrating 15 minutes run around. At the help button on Gmail, the postings give mostly problems and no real direct help! Why?
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I had the same issue with not seeing the microphone. I was able to get this to work by doing the following:
1. In Gmail, select the gear icon on upper right
2. Select Settings
3. Select Add-ons tab and check the box that says: Enable developer add-ons for my account
4. Select Chat tab and toggle the switch on. (If your chat is already on, toggle it off). Save changes.
5. Allow Gmail to reload and you should see the microphone next to the send button when you compose an email.
6. (Optional) Go back to the Chat tab and toggle this back to on or off, whatever your preference is.
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PSA to you all: Open a blank Google Doc. Select "Tools" form the toolbar. Within the dropdown menu select "Voice Typing" (notice that there is a shortcut key combo of Ctrl+Shift+S). Click the microphone button and dictate. Then just copy/paste into your email. Formatting is easier to use in Google Docs than in Gmail anyway, so think of that as a bonus. This work way better than attempting to use the Cortana dictation in Windows 10. Google is way better at punctuation, etc.
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4 days
"Andrew Conway
It (the microphone) was there before in Gmail on my computer (I used it!) but now it is gone. I think Google removed the feature."

I agree with you Andrew,  a native "mic" had been a part of gmail in chrome for years I have used it for years and now it it gone. I can still access it on my android but not on the PC. 

I don't want to install third party extension and give it permissions.

Has anyone found a way to turn it back on?
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