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removing gmail labels - such as 'social, updates...'

I'm annoyed gmail takes control of mail with its own labels.
no way to remove them since --- after you've taken off the label
with usual removve label button or untick the label from list ---
google pareses mail again and fools you for removing label.

google parses the page and after about 70 unlist all G-labels are
reapplied and you're deemed an idiot loosing time against taking
control of your stuff. all mail are now property of google inc.

is anyone capable to get rid of those spammy labels?
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Hi kiwiads

This page tells how you can add, and remove labels https://support.google.com/mail/answer/118708?hl=en

However, are you talking about tabs in the inbox?  If so this page can help https://support.google.com/mail/answer/3055016?hl=en. Scroll down to the remove section.
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thank you for tips!

no I'm not talking about tabs, I was fortunate enough to get rid of them.
I'm talking about the labels gmail robot apply for spam, like social, updates.....

if you try to remove them, after about 70 removals (a page list more or less),
gmail parses your mail and reapply the labels. so you're fooled. it's like nsa metatags.

if you have any news about getting rid of that stuff let me know.
Thank you!

If you don't want Gmail to categorise your mail, then it's very easy to stop it from doing so.

Create a filter to catch all mail coming into the account and choose the action Categorise As: Personal.  See the screenshots below for how to do that. 

However, do note that category tags such as Social, Promotions etc, are nothing to do with identifying Spam. They are only applied to genuine mail that comes into your Gmail inbox. If you get a lot of mail you don't want in your inbox, then mark it as Spam or - particularly with Social messages - visit the social site concerned and turn off email notifications. You can also use unsubscribe links where they are provided to stop receiving mail from that sender. 
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thank you for reply. it works!

actually means:

1 - you cannot remove g-labels since their ownership is gmail.
2 - you can use labels in search criteria to build a filter, so that
all mail received and labeled from google is then labeled personal.
3 - personal isn't actually a label listed and it means my own cats only

is that correct?

Thanks for tipping.
Gmail's categories are not the same as labels. They aren't even much like the system labels applied by Gmail. They are a very specific tool for sorting your inbox messages into the four main categories - Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums - and then displaying them separately in their own tabs. Messages which don't get categorised as any of those four then get put into the Primary tab. 

If you don't use tabs, so see everything in your main inbox anyway, and don't even find the categories useful as a finding tool (by clicking them in your sidebar, or using Category:xxxx in the search bar) then you can prevent Gmail from adding the categories by using the filter I showed you. 

There's no other practical way of doing it. 
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you're very much clear indeed!

Thank you for detailing both labels and categories. I never used categories (and honestly
I was almost unaware of their existence) because labels, better than categories, are highly
customizable and very keen to search options.

Thank you again,
Andrea Menon.
interesting points

However, what if you want some emails that go to Promotions to appear in Inbox  straight away - without any label./categories?
Individually they can have label removed - but next time email comes from same senderm, its in Promotions again

Surely Google could have system whereby on requesting removal of a Promotion label address from a particular email
they ask "Do you want promotion label removed for all emails from X address" ?
Especially since as you say Google themselves use these categories wo user having done it

Also re Filter 
cant filter to say "no label/category" (just Inbox)
Relabelling everything "Personal" means having to go to some other label/category apart from Inbox,
so does not seem particularly useful in this case where some Promotion is wrong and others is not...

Original Poster
I think the issue has 2points, you're remarking them:

1 - it's easier to apply yourself a label promotions, so you know whether it is a promotion and you also
know better than google what 'promotions' means for yourself. by guessing continuosly upon users data
google finally stress the user.

2 - indeed this is what happens with such a lable/categories. Once gmail marks a mail with g-category
such as updates, the category actually appears in the list of labels, so that it is aside the lable you
apply personally. Now, both labels are now competing for survival. If you decide to remove the gmail
label (you click remove label or untick the label in the list), the g-label is removed, but after some parsing
it is re-applied again TO THE SAME MAIL, not a new mail from the same address.

definitely filters interfere with mail search and at least hide from your sight such a categories, simply
asking to show all as it was personal. a search list for label:personal equals to SHOW ALL. it you have
no filter both g-labels and your appears, if you have the filter the g-lables are readdressed to general user
domain (personal).

Panta Rei -

But you can do exactly what you want to do. There are three ways. 

1. Create a filter for that particular sender, and have his messages categorised as Personal
2. Pick up the email concerned that is in Promotions, and drag it into Primary. When you drop it, Gmail will ask whether you want all mail from this sender to always go to Primary. Say yes, and it will be done....
3. Right click the email in Promotions, and choose the tab you want to move it to. Gmail will ask you the same question. Say yes, and it will be done. 

All the categories can be "trained" like this.  So if GMail isn't categorising correctly you have a permanent remedy. Example: if you have a regular Newsletter, it will generally appear in Updates. If you want it in your Primary tab, drag it over there and drop it.  

Categorising a message as Personal using a filter does NOT mean you have to go somewhere else to look at it. It will go into your Primary tab if you use the tabbed inbox, and into your ordinary inbox if you don't use tabs. 

And if you don't use tabs, then categories don't matter anyway, because everything will go into your inbox. 
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