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Lara BVHS2017 Disuanco

Notes have disappeared from Notes App linked to GMail account?

I have my GMail account on my iPhone on Apple Mail, which also lets me create notes in the Notes App. However, notes that I have been storing in the app have disappeared and I urgently need them back. Is there anyway you can retrieve your notes back? There is no trash bin that I can find that lets your recover your notes. :(
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Lara BVHS2017 Disuanco
Nevermind I figured out how to search for it. It was somehow archived. In case anyone has problems as well, just go to search in your GMail and click "Mail & Spam & Trash" and type in a few key words, and if it disappeared like mine, it should be there. However, I don't know how to access ALL the notes I lost, so that's a good question that needs an answer.
Here's some additional information you might find useful:    http://gmail-miscellany.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/gmail-apple-notes-app.html

hi, i had the following problem about deleted notes and managed to solve it (not thanks to help from Apple or Gmail). First, dont fret like i did, deleted gmail notes can be recovered. 
i was trying to move all my *gmail* notes on my iphone to icloud notes. on my iphone, i went to notes, gmail notes and clicked edit, move all, and selected icloud notes. to my dismay, the notes disappeared from gmail notes and did NOT reappear in icloud notes. worse still, they were also not showing up on my gmail account web interface. i googled around, talked to apple and to gmail (a google drive guy actually, since gmail does not have online help). i tried a couple of procedures that were suggested. nothing really worked. i had already tried the obvious stuff like looking in trash etc). 
here is what worked, however cumbersome: 
first note that using the web interface for gmail, the fact that notes are empty does not mean your original notes were deleted. it means instead that the label notes was removed from your original notes (which are in fact mail with the notes label tagged). Apple does that, since the Apple notes does not talk well with the Gmail notes; Apple should really fix this. 
so you need to re-label your original notes. go to all mail and search by entering "from:me" without the quotation marks. all the notes will be displayed, possibly with other inbox messages as well. you will notice that the original notes will have no label. there you are. you may choose to relabel them as notes, by selecting and applying the label, which will then allow you to see them again under notes. and they would also show up on your iphone under gmail notes. 
Ufff.  hope this helps. 
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