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Error sending E-Mail: "Error connecting with SSL"

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Many of our software users use GMail to keep their customers informed about Parts and Service - related updates. Recently, on March 14th 2010, their outgoing mail (SMTP) stopped working, with the error message 'Error connecting with SSL' being displayed. We've looked into the settings, and everything seems to be set up correctly. Has anyone else had this problem? More importantly, has anyone else found a solution to this problem?

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Even I'm facing the exact same issue. Is there a solution for this? What is Google's response for this error?
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Same issue here. Windows Vista, sendmail.exe (fake sendmail), Avast antivirus. 
Same here - I wrote an application that uses accounts both free and paid for Gmail accounts
The paid for accounts are in fact tstt.net.tt  accounts or accounts from the main ISP in Trinidad and Tobago.

The fact is we are paying money to the ISP who is turn is paying Google for SMTP and mail services
and we cannot get email out.

The customer has Windows XP
The application being used is a custom program using SSL SMTP code.
It has been working great on a daily basis in the last 9 months or so.


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Google has been turning off SSLv2 support recently. SSLv2 is an obsolete (and not very secure) version of SSL. Modern clients don't use it. You should check whether you can upgrade your SSL client. Otherwise, some people have reported success using software like stunnel to connect with gmail and then run their software through that.
Hi, The same here, I had wrote a simple email client, with Delphi 5 and Indy 9.0.18 componentes, and It was working But some day's ago only report "Error Connecting with SSL"
I too have had a similar problem (error 0x800CCC7D SSL not supported using Outlook 2003 as email client) but have found a proper fix which actually works

I simply deleted and recreated the email account for Gmail
I made no change to the POP/SMTP settings in the new account - I just followed the proper setup in Help for my email client

The error simply appeared out of the blue a day or so ago
I thought it might be a transient server problem, but as it wasn't fixed in a few hours I decided it must be something else
As soon as I recreated the account everything worked

I'm sure this will help

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