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I kept receiving email(aol account from a receipient from gmail

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Hi, I writing to complain on a sender from gmail < robert6...@gmail.com>  account holder.
He has been sending me with spam mail to my aol mail.
How can I find out who is this guy. And what did he want from me?
I am very furious that my aol mail have google search in it.
AOL search is actually using ASK search engine. Why is google keep messing with my connection?
Please advice and help me to find out who is this guy holding this email account
< robert6...@gmail.com> and what do he want from me?
Thank You and hope to hear from you soon.

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Google's privacy policy prevents them from supplying any information about accounts.  You will need a court order for Google to search server logs for any information (there is no guarantee they will find anything useful).  This also satisfies the need to prove your identity and justification for the information.

For information about Gmail's legal policies, see:  http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=7995

I'd suggest you just setup a filter to auto-delete anything from this person if you're not interested in it.

 I have gotten quite a few emails from this person.  The phone numbers are bogus, and I am pretty sure that he has been wasting my time for a week trying to get some kind of information from me...  Is there anyway to verify this email address and this person as a real person??

Please advise!

Laura Thomas 

ALM Fine Cabinetry

From: wayne johnson [mailto:wayne.j...@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2011 4:59 PM

To: ALM Fine Cabinetry
Subject: Re: product info

 Sounds good.I will like you to use the details below and prepare a formal quote for us so that we can proceed further :

New Mission Foundation Center (newly established)

1006 Meadowlane Dr.

P : 248-562-8725

F : 206-337-3198

Wayne Johnson

620 S Amos Ave

Springfield, IL 62704

P : 626-692-8364

 We're working on a commercial project,these units are going to be shipped to one of our newly established project branch located in Singapore and we'll be recommending you with a freight company to come and pick the units at your location.What lead time are we looking at.How long have you been in business?

 best regards

Wayne Johnson

I too have been receiving this email requesting a bid for draperies.  Actually it says the exact same thing that your email indicates....But the phone number and the address are different.  I just tried the phone number and it wasn't working.

Did you find anything out? Is it a scam or are they for real?

Please adivse!!!!
I too have been receiving mails from this man re draperies to be shipped to Singapore.  Sounds fishy, he is in Tampa, foundation is in Michigan, shipping to Singapore and I have an interior desoign business in Stuart, FL.  Why contact me?  Also not enough questions about actual design and fabric, just price.  Oh, and he wants custom drapes ready to be shipped in a week (maybe before the deposit check clears?)  It just does not sound right.
Multiple people getting a very similar e-mail just SCREAMS spam, and probably some sort of scam.
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