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Gmail account blocked because of age issue

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We have set up a gmail account for a music band,  we use this account to send receive emails related to the music band, but now the account is blocked and will be deleted because Google blocked it since we gave an age under 13.  Which is correct since the band is less than 13 years old although all members are adults. 

We have no government ID representing the band, nor is there any reason why we should pay to unblock this account unfairly blocked (anyway only VISA is accepted which we don't have). 

This is really annoying, we might miss important messages for the future of our band.  I hope that Google will realise how inapropriate this policy is and correct the problem or people will avoid using google tools in the future as these policies are an attack to privacy wether the google account is linked to a company, a band or a person. 

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I too am having a problem with signing into my email. I am way over 13 years of age by 35 years. When asked the birth-date question, I instantly thought it was a scam and just typed in any date that wasn't my true birth date because, google has stressed on many occasions that “they would not ask for personal information”. Now, they’re asking for my birth-date, my ID and my credit card, just so I can obtain access to my email that has/was working perfectly fine for 13 years.

I’ve had my email since 1998 and have refused to use Bing as a search engine; I have supported Google for years. After this experience, I am not sure I want to support Google, why do they deserve my loyalty, when they can’t provide customer service that is of help!

After numerous attempts in finding any assistance what-so-ever; I have been very unsuccessful. However, I have discovered that this is the most horrific customer service that I have ever encountered. 

This is extremely frustrating. I want someone to assist me!!!! Someone?!?! Anyone?!??!?!?! Any help, would suffice.


A very disappointed customer.

Jean23 - 

Plain vanilla GMail is a mailing service for people. Human beings. Not for entities/bands/clubs/businesses. To restore use of your account, submit the age credentials of the main human user of the account using the channels indicated to you when you try to sign in to the account. That should be a snap and will restore the use of the account. 

Stangchicv8 - 

I'd argue with your assertion that you've had a GMail account for 13 years, but that's irrelevant. Fact is, you TOLD Google - of your own free will, and knowing you were being untruthful - that you were too young to legally hold a GMail account. You left them with no choice but to immediately freeze your account, pending deletion, but with a 30 day window to prove your age. 

If you choose not to correct the untruthful information that you entered by submitting evidence of your real age, that's up to you. But if you wish to retain the use of your long-established email account, you have no choice but to correct the untruthful information you chose to give.

When you try to sign in to your account, a number of routes are offered to you, with full instructions, by which you can prove your age and re-establish the normal use of your account. But if you don't choose to follow any of those routes, then your account will be deleted. 

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the  channels proposed to recover access are not acceptable: providing official ID documents, or having to pay, (anyway as stated before only VISA is allowed which we do not have!).

So ok, if we don't agree with your policies we are happy not using your services anymore but we would still like/need to recover the emails and data stored on the account which is not possible with the proposed channels.  Now many people are losing personal or professional data because of this, and Google is loosing customers...Why don't you allow access to the account until deleted so that people can take appropriate actions and save their data if they are under the age limit or do not agree with your policies? 

They aren't "my" policies, Jean23 - I'm just a volunteer here.  In any case, these are not Google's "policies" that people can agree with or not agree with - they are a matter of US law, with which Google must remain compliant.

And I'm as disappointed as you are that Google couldn't find a manageable or legal route to retain some form of limited access to these accounts that have been disabled on the grounds of age. 

However, there are a number of routes, as you have described - that a person who is genuinely over the age threshold can use to regain access.  If you choose not to use those routes, then your account will remain disabled until it is deleted.
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Maybe the age thing is not Google's policy, but the way they implement it is: I doubt there is such a US law saying "people holding an email account have to provide their age, and have to be above 13, and if they don't want to provide their real age or use an email account while being under 13, then they just can pay 0.30$ and provide any fake age they want and still use the email account...." but then I am not from the US so I don't know... this looks more like  Google took the oportunity to make easy money: there are more than 200 milllions gmail accounts, let's say one on 100 is under 13 or put an age under 13 for any reason and will pay the 0.30$ -> that's 600.000 $ in the pockets of Google...
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