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Why should I tell google my date of birth?

I tried to log in to my Gmail today and I am confronted by a message asking for my date of birth.
I do not want to give google my date of birth.
There seems to be no way around it (I am posting this from another gmail account).
The associated message from Google makes no sense -
It says "When you use Google services, you can discover many kinds of information and choose to share it with the people you know." Well, I choose not to share my date of birth.

The message also says
"In order to provide you with features like age-appropriate settings"
I do not want to be provided with "age-appropriate settings", whatever that means
(will older people get ads for funeral services?)

If the issue is whether I am over 18, then I am happy to tick a box confirming that I am over 18.
How can I get into my gmail account without disclosing my date of birth?
What valid reason can Google have for wanting to know my date of birth?

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 Hi , I have the same issue with one of my gmail account?

Quote from another post, I have written yesterday:
Since when google starts to ask information on our private life, What is the purpose of trying to get our date of birth? I have been asked for only one of my gmail account, such an information, why not the others? I gave a fake one because I consider my life should stay private. the fake date of birth was 01/01/2001, and then google desactivated my account as I was 13years old according to that date. And then in order to reactivate my account, I had to either give my bank details, or an official ID. I am sorry, but I was really suspicious about that.
It really looks like an attempt of fishing.
Such an information can never be asked by any company, at least in Europe.
So is there anyway to re-activate my email account without sharing private details that could be considered as an attempt of fishing?
Thanks for your help.
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Thank you for the warning.   Sorry to hear of your problem.
In fact, looking at the forum I can see that loads of people are in the same situation as you and are now locked out of their accounts.

If the message persists I will also give a fake birth date but I will choose one that makes me over 18.

I am getting increasingly fed up with google intruding.  They also keep asking for my phone number.
Let's hope that google gets the message and stops this.

My wife just had the same problem. Such thing as date of birth is often asked in banking to confirm identity and shouldn't be shared with other private companies, like google for example. So she typed random date and got under 13 message as well. And if she won't provide google with her official documents her account will be deleted after 29 days!!!

I looks like google went too far.
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Here is a list of people complaining about this (mostly locked out of their accounts because google did not explain why they were asking for a DOB and they gave a fake one) in just the last day!

If anybody from Google is listening, they urgently need to fix this.



I had a birthdate check for my account. Now I cannot reopen it

Sampath T

Login problem because of Date of Birth

Bren Jose

why my gmail account was disabled because of incorrect birth year.what
will i do?help me please! this is important!


I am trying to set up another account and it keeps telling me there
are certain age requirements. I am 28. Thanks


Trying to set up another account but it says im not old enough? Born


Can I change my birthday on my GMail account?


Hi, my account has been locked due to age issue while creating an
account on youtoube


Age Verification process unable to process, yet I was charged.


Daughter's account locked out due to age restrictions


Account disabled for supposed under-age - thanks for the laugh


Google should at the least, inform parents about the disabling of
their childrens accounts before disabling it.


How do I change my birthdate on google plus? Cant access it.


Dear Sarah, The kids in my house were playing around with my mail and
have mistakenly typed my birthday wrong, account


I entered a wrong date of birth to my account and suddenly cannot
access it. A fax message was sent confirming my age,


My daughter has been locked out of her account


How dissapointing that Google has to charge .30 so I can access my
account after entering the wrong birthdate!


I desperately need to correct the age on my account.

I completely agree with the sentiments expressed.  I reached your posting after being confronted with the, to my mind quite unreasonable, demand for my date of birth before I could access my gmail account.  However in order to post this reply, I had to sign in and, guess what? - give my 'date of birth'.  There's no way around it and it's very disappointing.  I don't want 'age-appropriate settings' either, because I don't accept someone else's view of what is 'appropriate' for my age.  If they want  to exclude under 13s then yes let's tick a box to confirm you are older than 13.  If they want to protect juveniles from adult content then let's tick another box to confirm age over whatever.  Smart 12 year olds will find away round this nonsense anyway.

Google - it's intrusive, potentially insecure and, well, inappropriate.
Is there a way to delete one's date of birth from within gmail (without having to enter it again when logging in, of course)?

In the long run, I guess we can't expect anything different from a "free" email account that treats users like cows to milk (targeted ads, automatic sign-up for google's social network without asking, targeted google.com searches when logged in to your email, etc. etc.).
Always put 1/1/1970, by the way. That's the right answer.
Google: Big Brother
I am a 70 year old grandmother who set up a gmail account for my grandson 3 years ago! He was 8 years old when we set it up.  He has been using it until this month with no issue.  When did this age thing become part of the contract.  I set his account up so he could communicate with me and his other family members. There was no issue about the age at that time and I did not lie about his age.  Not he has some important serial numbers and dates on his account and we need to transfer them to a different account or print all of them off for his records.  He will be 13 this summer. But we need that information now. Any advice?
Google user
Google user
how the fuck fo i change my date of birth on this piece of shit website ????????
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