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Can't log into my gmail. Either hacked, I have forgotten password or someone is impersonating me

I have this problem and it is kind of hard to explain but I will try...
Either someone has created an gmail with my name (and my name is the kind that no one else has) or I have created an gmail long ago and have forgotten the password to it. I did try the recovery and the verification email is to an domain that no longer exists. And the verification question I did pass (at least I think I did if this is gmail created by me) but still got the message "google couldn't verify that you are the owner" or something like that.
Is there any way for me to get this gmail back?
Or is there any way google could check if it's in use and if it's not could they just delete it?
And if it's in use...idk could they ask them to proove that they have the name?
PS. I wont post the gmail in question here I would rather give it to a staff member
PPS The verification email I did not recognize (And this is why I think it might have been hacked at some point)
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Only a person who can sign into the account, can delete an account.

You will need a password reset link from Google.

To get this, the Account Recovery ("AR") process will need to be  submitted to Google.  There is no other way to regain an account.

Please go to  (If account name is unknown, select "Find my account".)   Follow the necessary steps.  and then Google will respond.

Google will not send a recovery link, unless fully satisfied as to the ownership.  If there is insufficient information available, account recovery will be impossible. all should be carefully read for assistance

If possible, use the same location and same device that was successfully signed in from previously. This appears to help.

If you were hacked, answer the questions using the details  that the account was set up with.  Take  time with this form. The more accurate the response, then there is  a greater chance of regaining the account.  

To determine  account creation date (if needed and if possible) , see!category-topic/gmail/dTlr4KVRFIA

(If repeated recovery requests are sent without any new information, the account holder can be locked out as a "spammer", or the recovery may be delayed). 

Documentation of any kind (including ID and government documents) cannot and will not be accepted, under any circumstances. These can easily be forged/stolen. and Google has no way of authenticating same.  In any case, they ~may~ only prove who the document holder is;  not who actually is the correct account holder.

Can you let me know the exact reply from Google? (Redact anything personal.) 

Original Poster
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately no luck so far. I even got my old laptop running and checked if it still had the auto login in use or if I had the password on it... I do know roughly when the account was created but I have no clue what the month was. So far I have only gotten the "Thanks for verifying your email.Google couldn't verify that (my name) belongs to you.".
I will try to find out the accurate time of creation and then retry recovery. Also I seem to have either misspelled my name or used and alias in the 'firstname' 'lastname' part since I can't "find" my account.
Thanks anyway for your help
I have asked Google if they can help.  They will contact you, if necessary, at the email address you used to post to this forum.

Please understand that I do not make any decisions regarding your account  (I am a volunteer; not a Google employee);  this decision is made solely by Google, based on the information you supply, and/or their internal tools.

If no response from Google after seven working days (not including Saturday/Sunday/public holiday in US), remind me again, in this same thread.

In the meanwhile, no more attempts at account recovery, please!   If you recover the account by yourself, please also let me know.


Google have now replied:-

"Unfortunately, we cannot return the account as the user is unable to prove ownership of it.

The user can try filing a claim via the recovery flow again, preferably from a previously logged in device or location." has some good tips to help you.  One poster claimed that using a different browser gets access to the account; I can't verify this.

If you wish to keep trying, you will need to follow the suggestion from Google, and hopefully, will succeed in regaining the account.  (I can't help any further with this process.)

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