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Pop3 fetch from x...@yyy.demon.co.uk, z...@yyy.demon.co.uk, etc..

Hi, I'm trying to set up a pop3 fetch from my demon domain for all accounts (<someone>@username.demon.co.uk). I have been able to retrieve emails from one name, but when I try to add another email address using the same login credentials, Gmail tells me that I already have used that account and stops me from adding another copy.
i.e. I want to be able to either filter all mail from my demon account at username.demon.co.uk
or download all the email as e.g.
Is this possible?
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I'm not sure what you mean when you say you use the same login credentials. 
When you add an account for pop3 fetch into Gmail, for example a...@username.demon.co.uk, the login credentials you should use are for the username "aaa" and the password for that particular account. Is this what you tried doing?

Using a wildcard in the email address like *@username.demon.co.uk is not possible. You need to add each account separately, with the username/password of each account.

Hope that helps!

Are you providing the individual usernames on the login page?  As I understand it, to get the mail for a...@username.demon.co.uk, you must use that address, aaa@hostname  or aaa+username, in the username field.  That should be recognised as a unique account.

Penyiar Asal
OK, to clarify; In a Demon account you "own" the domain (e.g. me.demon.co.uk) so all emails go to that domain (m...@me.demon.co.uk, m...@me.demon.co.uk, be...@me.demon.co.uk, etc). I now know that the pop3 call in gmail to <anyone>@me.demon..co.uk) loads all emails from me.demon.co.uk into the gmail account but I don't know who it is designed for (or who it comes from - I use different xxx@ names for different shop purchases) without opening it for as gmail only shows the account email name as set up in the pop3 account. Can I filter the incoming mail into different folders, or show a different "To" name and reply as the appropriate email (e.g. y...@me.demon.co.uk)?
Are you adding the mail fetcher with unique email addresses and usernames?  I am afraid I don't have access to a similar email system, so I can't test this one, but I think I successfully tested adding multiple addresses in the same domain before, and that is essentially what you are doing.  The login credentials should be different for each address.

The alternative, as you noticed, is to download all of the messages for your domain, and use filters to separate them.  

In either case, you can add each address as a custom From address.

Penyiar Asal
Thanks for the reply. After a bit of testing, I've decided to set up filters for incoming messages and a number of "send" addresses - this means that I get all the messages from my usual provider in the format that I am used to.
Thanks for all the replies to this newbie question.


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