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Whole account blocked?

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My young sister is using Gmail/Google Account to communicate with her schoolmates and do school stuff, etc.. Yesterday, she told me she wanted to try Google+. She clicked it, but then, her account was blocked, saying that she is younger then 13 years. Yes, thats true, she is less then 13. But there was no warning at main page, that she must be more than 13 yeats old. But ok, nevermind. She dont need G+ now. But she needs her Gmail account! She has there everything!
Im shocked that Google blocks your whole account, even the Gmail one! I dont want to pay 0,30USD, and I guess faxing or emailing with personal info, that she is less then 13, isnt needed too.
Is there a way to solve this?

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I wanted to open a new issue but my situation is caused by same problem.
My cousin which is 34y old has tried to register for Google+, but by mistake she has entered a birth date that makes her less than 13y.
She doesn't want to send her ID card data(i can't blame her with my recent credit card stolen data problems), surely there must be another way of dealing with this problem - her contacts, including me can confirm that she is well beyond the required age. On side, note Google is not doing well by blocking the mail account, which she used for few years and has a lot of information in it.

My daughter also tried to register for Google+, and was locked out of her Gmail account.

I agree that this is not at all appropriate behaviour from Google. Stopping under 13s from using Google+ is perfectly fine - although just an illusion that does not stop dishonest 13 yr olds that lie about their age.

But why does the whole GMail account need to be locked? I don't understand.

Furthermore, given that my daughter's account has her mother's Gmail account as account recovery email, you should at the very least give the parent the option of recovering the child's email archive.

I hope we will get a reply to this query, and that you will change the policy.
I had opened an g mail account for the past 3 month, Thing went very smoothly until 2 weeks ago I did a mistake and entered the date of the account open instead of my birthdate the account then blocked saying I am below 18, It gave different options on how to activate the account back and the quickest was to pay via credit card and it indicated will take few minutes, My uncle who has a credit card did all the necessary and it did not work he paid more than 3 times,
Please help what is wrong with gmail customer service  I am from Africa - Tanzania
What I need google to do is they can stay with the account which they don't want to open even after paying through credit card please let me give you my  alternative email address so that you can send all my mails which were in my out , In and sent items box I have very important documents there and they mean alot to me. PLEASE GOOGLE HELP ME
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