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Hong Kong people using full English names got profile suspended for "not using real name"

Explain your issue in full detail here:
I don't see any field that I can talk about my situation with the Google guys so I will post this here.

Recently my Google+ profile together with my buzz got suspended.
They first told me that maybe I have "posted something wrong" while I don't even know what's wrong.

Later after I clicked the link to let Google review everything again, they finally told me - my name is not meeting their standards, and they are asking for some real thing to prove it's me the real person. The problem is, nothing but my last name match the name on my ID card. In fact, most of Hong Kong people will be in the same situation if you ask them to prove themselves this way.

Fact time.

I guess they don't know about how Hong Kong people tell others about their names. Hong Kong is a former British Colony and we use English names and nicknames far more than Chinese names and Pinyin of that. Some of us have middle names or nicknames in middle as the nickname as those can be a lot more known by the others than the real name itself. (I guess you guys don't know GeoHot's real name right?)
According to their standards, they can suspend any Hong Kong people's account if they want, makes no sense.

How Hong Kong people's name on their ID card typically looks like is like this:
CHAN, Tai Man 陳大文
This is name in Pinyin and Chinese full name, some may have English first names (like "Brian") included too, but NOT ALL. They may also have more than 1 English name like middle names or nicknames more known, may or may not match the one on their ID card, lots of combinations.

What we actually use at work, on Facebook, any other sort of things:
Brian Chan, Vader Chan, Brian 'Vader' Chan, Brian Vendetta Chan

It is possible, and happens a lot, that people know such names each other but don't even know what is the name on their ID card. 
If this happens on only 10% of America or Europe people, I must tell you this is not any rare case in Hong Kong. I mean, this can happen to MORE THAN 90% of Hong Kong people. We are Chinese people who has been ruled by an English country, that's it.

if you ask them to put all those nicknames or English first names in the separated name fields and use Pinyin names or Chinese full names instead, you are banning people from recognize that guy from what they first see, instead of "helping people bind up by forcing them use real names".

What Google asking for are not names mainly known by others, but "names they think that is a name that guy should have". They can kill a bunch of honkie's profiles if they insist.

Seems the Google folks can't understand this. I am putting this here so some of you guys will understand better than they do.

Oh btw, these guys can't read Chinese too. Some famous community websites have profiles in full Chinese clearly not having a name representing a real person.They got thousands of people in circle, and the report button seems helped a lot on sending all those reports to the outer space. I hope this forum would not serve the same function.

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Some examples of Hong Kong people using such name formats that Google+ stuff will see as "not using real name", for the 3 word form.

And yes, they use both names, none of them are fake. Any suspension on accounts with such names is a great DISRESPECT TO HONG KONG CULTURE. Most people in Hong Kong use English names that is not on their ID card too, so stop applying your stupid censorship on a country a lot different from English native ones.
We need to do some consciousness raising. Please consider assisting with this project? http://bit.ly/PlusInclusive We are trying to show how eurocentric, among other things, the "real names" policy is. G+ has a great potential, and traditionally, Google's policies have been favorable. Shava Nerad
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hi Shava,

I can write you articles about 2 things, if you don't mind doing some proofreading. And we will have to spread it on Google+ too.

1.The real name policy disregards cultural differences (like in Japan staying anonymous is a norm ,the Hong Kong combine name situation) and such policy is running in a bad way.
2.Why the real name policy may harm some Chinese people by exposing them. FYI the Chinese government censors most contents people post on the internet and limits what sites people can visit. Some people are in jail for what they have said on the internet, like telling truth that Big Brother doesn't like. Chinese people can only access Google+ through VPN or proxy, while what they do on these "sites not permitted to visit" are spreading news China won't want the world to know and saying all sort of things China won't let them say. The real name policy can set these people in a very dangerous position.

contact me at #myid#@gmail.

I posted a question in the GooglePlus discussion section, but I'll go ahead and repeat the question here -- does Google, Inc. have an office in Hong Kong?
But I am also posting here because I am wondering if there is the same level of censorship in Hong Kong and the New Territories as on the mainland?
I will admit it's been a couple decades since I last visited Hong Kong, so I may have that "New Territories" usage wrong, but my feeble, old brain seems to remember that it wasn't just Hong Kong.
Anyway, I am wondering what the deal is on censorship in the formerly British controlled areas that they turned over to the mainland folks and made such a big deal about negotiataing great democratic rights for the citizens of those areas.
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hi M.I.H.

Sorry I just received the notification and did not reply on time:P

Few things.
1.NT is part of Hong Kong like Kowloon and Hong Kong island, just a name.  >_>

2.They do have an office here, but seems nothing to do with this case. The guy contacted me is not from Hong Kong.

3.Hong Kong is still free so far both in reality and the internet, but most Hong Kong websites are censored in Mainland China.

4.Concerning the censorship thing, it's not related to the Hong Kong case.The censorship happens in Mainland China, not Hong Kong. Most people in China can gain no access to information like, most recently, the China train crash.

They can only know such kind of things by visiting websites outside through VPN or proxy. If they talk too much they will be spotted by the Chinese government. I can't tell how many people are harmed from this cause they never admitted it.

One example is Tan Zuoren
He have to stay in prison for 5 years, as he have set up a data base of those who died in Sichuan Earthquake and leaked some information about 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre (The June 4th incident).

If Google force users in Mainland China to use real names, those who spread news like these will be in great danger.

I know this is not so easy to understand, but I will try my best to let you all and Google know about this.
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hi MIH,

Sorry for the late reply. Of course they won't say that, but according to Skud some Google stuff confirmed that.
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