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Badoo.com sending spam to all my contacts on my behalf, asking them to logon to their site. Please help!

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Badoo.com has been sending email invitations to all my gmail contacts asking them to visit their networking website and sign in to view "a message" from me which does not exist.

The subject line is always : "Darja Djordjevic has left you a message on Badoo!" and then there is a link leading people to the site and asking them to establish an account. I have no relation to this website whatsoever, they obviously have hacked into my account and accessed the emails of all my contacts.

I have a MacBook running Mac OS 10.5.8, I already ran Symantec which found no viruses. I usually use firefox to access gmail, and Symantec is my antivirus software.

 I also changed my gmail password immediately. This seems like a spam bug, and it's urgent I stop this!

Please help!

Thanks so much,

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I too experienced this, I clicked on an invite from another friend I had not heard from in ages and they (badoo.com) asked me to create an account, and when they asked me to supply my social networking email and password details, I did not provide it. Just before that badoo.com did ask for a gmail account password, which I did not enter, yet emails with an email with ...'left a message for you on Badoo!' was sent to everyone I ever sent an email to, not only my contacts?? How is this possible. I was logged into my gmail account at the same time?
The email was sent a few days after I registered with badoo.com, trying to check my friend's message and was never able to. On emailing him, he said he did not invite me to his network, and the same has happened to him!
I have changed my gmail password, but it's too late..
We experienced this too and in the very same manner as in the case of rishkabj. Very embarrassing, as it sent out to everyone an invite (actually even twice) on the contact list in Gmail. So, how does it come that Badoo.com was able to gain access without prior consent of the user and without registering for this dubious service? The fact that Google allows spammers to access the contact list is indeed very disconcerting. A comment by Google on this matter would be helpful and Badoo.com should be blacklisted for their spamming behavior. 
The same happened to me this weekend.  I echo the concerns of MARCN - how did they get at my GMAIL contact list. Does Google give this out to anybody ? Does Google have a relationship to Badoo ? In either case this is a complete lack of security from Google. Appalling ! 
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