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Multiple Inboxes have stopped working

Explain your issue in full detail here: WIN 7 Enterprise, Chrome,  Avast
Hello - my multiple inboxes were working perfectly, then one day they stopped. They are still configured correctly when I click on Settings-->Multiple Inboxes (is:starred and is:xxxxxxx). I tried the solutions I found by searching, like disabling the preview pane, but it was already disabled. Multiple Inboxes are enabled in Labs. 

A while back I switched to iPhone and was trying to emulate the Blackberry service which allows users to filter out emails that are sent to their cellphones. I created 2 alternate gmail accounts and I was experimenting with forwarding to see if I could get what I wanted. i was unable to get it to work. I don't see how this should affect my multiple inboxes on my main account - I still receive all my email in my main account just fine, but it doesn't get routed to my multiple inboxes. I can see which date my multiple inboxes stopped working, as the last message displayed in both of them is the same.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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One other thing I've noticed is that my labels seem to have stopped working in my main in-box. This would probably cause the is:xxxxx function to stop working as well, right? 
Is there any help on multiple inboxes?  I used to toggle my multiple inbox view on/off, but now I can't find any way to toggle the view on.  Multiple Inboxes in LABS is still enabled.

Please... any help?
SOLUTION:  If I set my inbox type to Classic, then all the other inboxes display.
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