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Luiz Carlos Rocha

Add Send mail as: email

I'm trying to add an email to use as "Send mail as:".
My steps are:
- Accounts and Import
- Add another email address you own (img01.png)
- I've type my email "lu...@inventeaqui.com.br", then I choose next step, and as I read on the GMAIL help page, it is saying that would appear two options:
* (1) Use Gmail's servers to send your mail (this is easier to set up)
* (2) Use your other email provider's SMTP servers (we recommend this option for professional mail accounts or domains). Note for Google Apps users: Depending on your domain type, this feature may be disabled by default. Talk to your administrator if you have any questions.
But for me is going directly to option (2), I don't have access to choose which one I want. (img02.png)
I used to have this option I don't know why it disappear.
Please can someone help me.
Thank you
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It appears that right now, there is no option to use the Gmail outgoing mail server unless your Send Mail As address ends with @gmail.com -  and in that case, there is still no option because it just happens automatically. 

I have asked the question as to whether this is intended behaviour or a bug - awaiting an answer......
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Beatriz Corona
Beatriz Corona
This def helped.. so I put your instructions plus the google ones plus what worked for me below. For me your exact instructions didn't work as I don't have the GAFB password because it is only an alias :)

  • Sign in to your Google email.

  • Click the  in the upper-right and select Settings along the top of any page, and select the Accounts tab.
  • Under the Send mail as section, click Add another email address.
  • In the Email address field, enter your alternate email address. (e.g. na...@mydomain.com)
  • Select 'Treat set as an alias' hit Next >>
  • Overtype smtp.mydomain.com with smtp.gmail.com
  • Type your Gmail email (e.g. na...@gmail.com), where only "name" had been entered automatically
  • Entered Gmail password in the password box (if you have device specific you have to get a one time password for this)
  • Leave the port number as the pre-set (587) and security at TLS
  • Hit Add Account
  • Wait for verification email -> click on link or enter code
  • DONE! : D
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