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Gmail Mobile 2.0.6 installation fails: "Certificate Error"

Gmail Mobile v2.0.6 installation fails on my Nokia E65 with a "Certificate Error". Download works fine, but then the installer rejects the jar due to certificate error. Re-tried many times, so it can't be a corrupted download.

This post:
didn't do the trick either... the E65 says it already has the certificate, and the link provided in the post doesn't exist (anymore).

Any help???
Wish I'd have never attempted to upgrade from the previous gmail version... :-(

Device: Nokia E65
Carrier: TIM
Country / Language: IT
OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): 
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Try this link to download gmail app :

(or http://m.google.com/mail/download/binaries/L2/2.0.6/mail_m2.jar)

After Install, it works fine on mine E65. One thing, the app seems not work in fullscreen like the older version ! I don't know if it's a new feature or a bug, but It seems work fine.

PS: First link "mail_n60-3.jar" provide a good size for gmail desktop icon on E65, not as "mail_m2.jar" (to small).
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It worked! Thanks so much, it's incredible, why are there so many versions around that don't work...

Anyway, as you said, indeed it's not fullscreen an wastes like 1cm of screen space compared to the older version.

Thanks again. :)
It's also incredible that a big company as Google cannot provide installable software ;)

So have fun with Gmail ....
I still get a certificate error when trying to install on my E55.
Any news on this?
They are not working in fullscreen indeed.

Could you please advise a download link of old version, which can work in fullscreen?

Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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