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Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Nested groups detected?

All of a sudden I'm getting this email message:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Nested groups detected

The xxxx's were removed to protect me, if that's even possible :)

I get these no matter where I access my Gmail from

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Me too, all of a sudden, the same error message.
It started (the first one I received) 15 December 2011, 15:17 GMT.
However, not every mail failed, or, more precisely, this error message didn't follow every mail sent to the Group.
Prior to this, 2 hours before this occurred, everything worked fine (i.e. something happened after 1:20 PM and 3:17 PM, Thursday, December 15, 2011).
not only that....some of my received email who suppose to be direct to trash folder managed to slip thru my inbox.
The same happens to me also
I am having the exact same problem. Started about 30 hours ago.
I think Google engineers must have been making changes somewhere, because something has changed in the service.
For over 4 years I have been using a rule in my Gmail that forwards certain incoming messages to a Google group.
It's a very useful feature - when I am on a client's site, I can usually access this group through most corporate security filters, whereas I might not be able to access my Gmail account to read these messages.

I don't think I have ever used the nested groups feature of Google groups, but I am aware that it is/was advertised by Google as a benefit for their commercial apps clients. I know little else about it.

I am a member of a yahoogroups, and forwarding all of the message received to my googlegroups as an archive.
usually googlegroups will provide a specific email address to forward the messages to googlegroups.
from my digging, found out that yahoogroups block the email address with the googlegroups in it. But i never subscribe my googlegroups email to yahoogroups. I simply create a fileter and forward all my messages to my googlegroups email.
I have using this feature since 2008 and no issue up untill the last few week till now.
so what i understand from the error nested group from googlegroups is that googlegroups detect an email address subscribed to my googlegroups that has a filter that forwarding the messages the groups. This caused a continuous loops and googlegroups refused to receive the messages.
But why this issue is happening now? is there any changes in the googlegroups service? no longer provide an "archiving" service? or maybe the garchive email address need to be changed?
Guys....just found out that the forwarding email address to googlegroups has changed. form -garchive*** to +garchive***
This is perhaps due to googlegroups new looks(?)
I have to re-send a confirmation code to my archives googlegroups.
Hopefully this is the answer.
Thanks @sonydjuana.
You are quite right. I just checked and my group's mailing address has been changed from ***-garchive*** to ***+garchive***
That is, the only difference being the "+".
I had no notification from Google to tell me that this was going to be done - no explanation.
I had wondered if this was a precursor to Google removing yet another service - maybe Google groups?
It would be nice if they told us what was going on.
Just an update. I changed the forwarding address to from ***-garchive*** to ***+garchive***, as above.
The forwarding is still being blocked though, so it seems to have made no difference.
Nothing yet seems to have been done by Google to rectify this unilateral change they have made.
The blocking is not consistent. It doesn't seem to happen with *every* item forwarded to the group, but I cannot yet figure out the blocking rule that is being followed.
I have had this same problem - sporadically - with email forwarding through our google apps domain to a google group.  Again, I cannot discern any consistency in what gets rejected due to "nested groups detected" and what does not. Most recently, two emails were rejected this morning.

The addressing +- issue referenced above does not apply here.

Very annoying.  This all worked fine until mid-December.
Im also having this problem since mid-December.
Actually it used to work, only with some cautions:

- the member of Yahoo group forwarding automatically to the Google group would be better a Yahoo mail address, or at least a non-Gmail address
- the Google group setting should be on "Anyone can post"; the reason is that from the point of view of Google group the poster is the sender of the original message in the Yahoo group
- preferably the Google group should be public: a private group would probably check if the sender is having a Google account
- for avoiding that the Google group would be spammed, given that's public and on "Anyone can post", you as group owner should moderate all messages.
- when you are posting in the Y group with your Gmail address, put the G group mail address in Cc or Bcc.

I'm seeing G groups normally working this way just now, so I think they're immune to this "nesting" difficulty....

Hope that helps!

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