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Is This MITM Attack to Gmail's SSL ?

Today, when I trid to login to my Gmail account I saw a certificate warning in Chrome .
I took a screenshot and I saved certificate to a file .

this is the certificate file with screenshot in a zip file:

and this is text of decoded fake certificate:

when I used a vpn I didn't see any warning ! I think my ISP or my government did this attack (because I live in Iran and you may hear something about the story of Comodo hacker!)

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probably your ISP is responsible,
they couldn't massively MITM/Sniff Gmail in Iran, yet.

can you please tell us what ISP is providing you ?
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my ISP is ParsOnline:
but my friend has another ISP and he has same problem.

I tried to trace route some domains like google.com ,youtube.com, yahoo.com, bing.com, etc.
all of them except google.com were normal and had same tracks when packets were in Iran yet, but packets of google.com have more tracks. 

I see this fake certificate only 30 minutes or 1 hour per day maybe thay just test how sniff their users!

yes maybe.
I am from Iran too, but i have DSL from different ISP, and i didnt notice SSL MITM yet.

can you place traceroute to mail.google.com here?

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Unfortunately, tonight I don't see any differences in packet tracking by trace route google.com, but if I see a difference I place traceroute logs here
Please run the following commands:

tracert mail.google.com

You may also want to try with ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PathPing ) PathPing:

pathping mail.google.com

If you're able to do so, I suggest using tcptraceroute ( http://michael.toren.net/code/tcptraceroute/ ) and running these also:

tcptraceroute mail.google.com 0
tcptraceroute mail.google.com 53
tcptraceroute mail.google.com 80
tcptraceroute mail.google.com 123
tcptraceroute mail.google.com 443

Also some UDP traceroutes on port 53:
traceroute -U -p 53 mail.google.com

I've got a mail today, which redirect me to this form and asked for yahoo user password!!!!!

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