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shekoofhe faghir

administrator gmail Ask for help me

hi admin
I forgot Instagram account password  = shokoof...@gmail.com
I need to get an email to restore the Instagram account
I do not remember my password
I create gmail account about two years ago
I just have the phone I have built my account,
Please help me. I'm tired. page Instagram is for my work mezon clothes
I am just hopefully for you.
I just created a Gmail account that I can use to make an Instanta account = shokoof...@gmail.com
But two years later I realized that I was wrong
And I created the same Gmail with that phone =   shekoofh...@gmail.com

My name and surname: shokoofeh faghir ,

If you need documents, send me a photo & video of your passport
To contact me : shekoofh...@gmail.com

Read the messages between me and the instagram support in gmail :  shekoofh...@gmail.com

writing = https://translate.google.com/#en/fa  English is hard for me
hard life, I the email forgot forgot
forgot = @timasmezon

Evidence  : I've taken your videos and photos for you  2017-08-08

video:    http://www.aparat.com/v/dPltY

Photo documents :











Check my profile = photo =>  @timasmezon

Please see this photo =  http://uupload.ir/files/9kb_ب.png

Dear Manager, I would like your help ,

Please help me .

My phone model :
just send for admin and modir gmail.  = shekoofh...@gmail.com

MY PHONe: +989169020860 & +989375917087


1.This photo you see is inside
3.(09375917087)This is my cell phone number
4.This is my telegram channel
5.This is my address The brain


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Kindly check this post about Gmail account recovery: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/gmail/SzwFXkqLvr0. For more information you can also check this article: http://gmailaccountrecovery.blogspot.com/

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