23. 4. 2017
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Irene Sadr

Gmail password recovery scam

After searching Google for a password recovery help, I found a phone number which I called for help.  After some questioning, the representative "Sam Johnson" asked for access to my computer.  Thinking that he was a Google representative I granted him access and he did some sort of scan and determined that my gmail account was being used by 2 users, one being from Dayton Ohio and that my entire network was compromised.  He then tried to sell me a product between 249-399 dollars.
He opened a notepad for me on my computer and this is what he wrote on it:

8-10 devices
online banking & shopping
Assign a technition
unhack your network 
unhack your devices along with email 
make all services up & running 
block the hackers
remove all trojans & infection
put the security onto it
Osi 7 layer anti hacking tool (Tech remote solution)
banking protect
data protect
email protect
network protect
Identity protect
40-45 minutes


Lifetime: 399.99
5 Years: 349.99
3 Years : 299.99
1 Year: 249.99

Sam Johnson(Sr.Technition)

He cant even spell technician correctly.
I am worried by the fact that he asked for my date of birth and had access to my computer.
I reset everything on my computer and even changed my IP address.
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23. 4. 2017
You must properly secure the account as soon as possible. 

Please read this excellent blog as to how NOT to be hacked.  Heaps of reading!

To check for suspicious activity, go to https://security.google.com/settings/security/activity

This article http://gmailblog.blogspot.com.au/2010/03/detecting-suspicious-account-activity.html also helps with detecting suspicious account activity.

Also read http://gmailaccountrecovery.blogspot.co.uk/#security.  Go to "When you Reclaim Your Account" to help change any settings the hacker has altered, if in fact the account has been hacked.

To ring remotely or erase a lost phone or device:-
https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6160500?hl=en and http://www.howtogeek.com/170276/how-to-locate-your-lost-or-stolen-android-phone-and-wipe-if-necessary/ Also https://goo.gl/1dczpa which helps with location (if possible) as well. Or type in Google Chrome address bar Find My Phone for location of the phone, to ring it, and to help secure it.

Check apps connected to the account, and to revoke access:-
Also applies to devices that are maliciously logging in, or stolen/lost etc.

Run a full antivirus scan . and also use these free tools to find anything the antivirus may overlook:-
 LavaSoft Ad-Aware - http://www.lavasoftusa.com/
 Spybot: Search & Destroy - http://safer-networking.org/en/index.html

Are there any missing any messages?  Haa search been done, in a browser on a pc at https://mail.google.com/ in "Trash/Bin", (not IMAP/Trash), "Inbox" and any tabs that may there; or "All Mail" for any missing messages?  The "More" label may have to be expanded to see "All Mail".

To recover lost emails, if at all possible:-
  1. Use the Gmail security checklist to secure the account. 
  2. Fill out this form to find out whether the messages can be recovered. Some, none, or all, may be returned, depending on what is actually still available.
(Note that step 1. must be completed first.  There is no guarantee that messages can be retrieved.)

To recover missing Contacts - see https://support.google.com/mail/answer/1069522?hl=en

When using public Internet cafes or shared devices etc., be wary of key loggers, and make sure that that the account is always fully and correctly signed out of Google account at all times.

To recover the account (if the account owner cannot sign in) go to https://www.google.com/accounts/recovery/   There is no other way!  
You must be on a PC or Mac in an up to date browser for this.  If repeated requests are sent via this form without any new information, the requests may be locked out as a spam.

Friendly reminder;  account and password security is the account holder's responsibility; and it is not the job of Google to do this.  Google provide secure systems at their end;  the account holder must do the same at their end.  https://www.google.com/safetycenter/



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Expert – Hlavný prispievateľ (absolvent) – bývalí hlavní prispievatelia.
Expert – Vychádzajúca hviezda – účastníci s veľkým potenciálom, ktorí sú vo fórach nováčikmi a s produktmi sa ešte len zoznamujú.
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