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Bulk Sender Contact Form

If you're a Gmail user, not a bulk sender, and have issues sending mail from your account, please see this help article.

To help ensure that your mail is delivered to Gmail users, be sure to comply with our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines (like allowing a user to unsubscribe from your mailing list with a prominent link or by replying to your message with the word "unsubscribe"). If you're sending mail according to our guidelines and Gmail continues to mark your messages as spam, you can contact the Gmail Team by filling out this form.

We'll use the information you provide to investigate and improve our spam and abuse detection systems. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide any details about our findings during or after the investigation.

Please enter your email address.
Select the statement that best describes your issue when sending to Gmail users *
Important: Full headers and/or SMTP errors are required for us to investigate your report. Email headers must be less than 7 days old. See instructions for obtaining message headers.
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