Default contact groups

Your Contact Manager has a few default contact groups (listed under the "New Contact" button on the left side) to help you organize your most used and most important contacts. You can still create custom contact groups yourself.

  • My Contacts organizes the addresses you care about. If you know you'll want to find someone often, you can move a contact to this group by selecting one of your contacts, clicking the Groups button , and selecting My Contacts. You can also remove a contact from My Contacts by unchecking it.
    Most mobile devices will sync with this group, but some may sync other default groups.
  • Most Contacted includes the 20 addresses you use most frequently. Gmail automatically updates this list so you can reference it quickly and easily.
  • Other Contacts includes any contacts that haven’t already been categorized into My Contacts or another contact group.
  • You may also have your Friends, Family, and Coworkers as a contacts group. These used to be default groups in Gmail-- if you previously used them, then they can't be deleted.
  • If you sync your contacts to an Android device, you'll see a Starred in Android group. This contains the contacts you've starred as favorites on your device.

Be careful when you delete! Your contacts are shared across your Google Account. If you delete a contact in any application, it will also be deleted from Google Chat and other applications.

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