Forwarding or sharing inline images

If you've received an inline image in an email, you can share it by forwarding the message via email, or sharing it on Google+.

Forwarding a message with an inline image

To forward a message containing inline images, you'll need to have Rich formatting enabled. Rich formatting is not available in Gmail's basic HTML view


See how to enable Rich formatting or check whether you have it enabled
  1. Click Compose Mail.
  2. Click Rich formatting >> above the blank text field of the message (if you don't see this link, you already have Rich formatting enabled and won't need to do anything else).
  3. Discard the blank message.

With Rich formatting enabled, just open the message you'd like to forward, click Forward along the bottom of the message, and then click Send.

Sharing an inline message from Gmail on Google+

To share inline images from within one of your Gmail messages to Google+, hover over the image you wish to share and a ‘Share’ button will appear at the bottom of the image. This will open the ‘Share to Google+’ box, with a preview of your image included. You can add comments to your post, and specify who you wish to share the image with.

Note: You won't be able to share inline images that are pointing to external web addresses, only inline images that were uploaded from one’s computer and embedded into the message. You can tell the difference by hovering over the image and checking if a web address appears at the bottom left of your browser window.

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