Learn about experiments in Google Workspace

We're constantly improving our Google Workspace products. To help us understand how enhancements and changes impact your experience, we perform experiments.

When we perform an experiment, we select a group of users at random to receive a different experience in a Google Workspace product. Since the experiment is randomised, there's no opt-in or opt-out.

Users in an experiment

We only run experiments in Google Workspace products linked to personal Google Accounts.

Types of changes

Experiments are not always obvious. From subtle changes to new features, tests are conducted to ensure that your experience is being enhanced.


Each experiment is different, and there's no set duration for how long an experiment runs.

User privacy

Google Workspace puts user privacy first, and we follow our standard privacy commitments when running experiments. Learn more about Google's Privacy Policy.

Differences between Google Workspace experiments and Google Workspace Labs

Experiments are a normal part of how we usually develop products at Google and are different from Google Workspace Labs, which is an invitation-only programme for users to try new AI features. Learn more about Workspace Labs.

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