Error while importing contacts

To fix this problem, you may need to reformat the columns and/or headers in your Excel spreadsheet, and then save it as a .csv file. If you still can't import your contacts after reformatting your spreadsheet, try creating a new .csv file. Click here to learn more about creating and editing .csv files.

After creating your .csv file, import your contacts.

Tips to remember when importing contacts:

  • The total storage limit for all your contacts is 20 MB. Contact photos do not count towards this limit.
  • The maximum size for a contact is 128 KB.
  • Non-ASCII or non-Latin characters may not be accepted.
  • Any information formatted as a group or distribution list won't transfer into your Gmail Contacts list.
  • Importing information that matches the email address of an existing entry will replace the information in your Contacts list with the most recently uploaded information.

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