Ads in Gmail

How Gmail Ads work

In Gmail, ads are related to your Google Account.

With features like Priority Inbox, we work hard to help you sort through the unimportant messages that get in your way. We use a similar approach with ads. For example, if you’ve recently received a lot of messages about photography or cameras, a deal from a local camera store might be interesting. On the other hand, if you’ve reported these messages as spam, you probably don’t want to see that deal. This type of automated processing is how many email services provide features like spam filtering and spell checking.

We are always looking for more ways to deliver you the most useful and relevant ads - for example, we may use your Google search queries on the Web, the sites you visit, Google Profile, +1’s and other Google Account information to show you more relevant ads in Gmail.

Ad targeting in Gmail is fully automated, and no humans read your email or Google Account information in order to show you advertisements or related information.

Privacy, Transparency and Choice

Google does not rent, sell or share information that personally identifies you for marketing purposes without your express permission. No email content or other personally identifiable information is provided to advertisers.

Only ads classified as Family-Safe are displayed in Gmail. We are careful about the types of content we serve ads against. For example, Google may block certain ads from running next to an email about catastrophic news. We will also not target ads based on sensitive information, such as race, religion, sexual orientation, health, or sensitive financial categories.

You can opt-out of the use of additional information from the Ads Preferences page. If you do opt-out, you may still see contextual ads based on the message you are reading as well as other relevant ads.

If you don't want to see ads in Gmail, you can choose to use Gmail’s basic HTML view, or POP or IMAP.

Also, if you decide to switch to a new email provider, it's easy to set up automatic forwarding for all new messages that arrive in your Gmail account.

To learn more about managing your information, check out Good to Know.

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