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Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

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Save time navigating in Gmail by using keyboard shortcuts.

Note: To learn how to customize keyboard shortcuts like in Outlook, visit section 2.6 of the Learning Center.

Shortcuts you can use

If you plug an external keyboard into your Android device, you can use the shortcuts below. This works with most kinds of external keyboards.

Action Shortcut
Compose a new email Ctrl + n
Archive an email Ctrl + d
Send an email Ctrl + Enter
Save a draft Ctrl + s
Refresh your inbox Ctrl + u
Open selected conversation Right arrow
Expand or collapse an email in a conversation Enter
Cut, copy, or paste Ctrl + x, Ctrl + c, or Ctrl + v
Select all Ctrl + a
Open the side menu Ctrl + m
Open settings Ctrl + ,
Open Help & Feedback Ctrl + ?
Reply all Ctrl + r
Mark as read or unread Ctrl + i
Print Ctrl + p
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