Search in Gmail

You can search to find your messages in Gmail, including messages in Spam or Trash.

How to search

Note: If you're offline, you'll only see emails that are synced to your device in your search results. If you're using Gmail Go, search won't work at all while you're offline.

  1. Open the Gmail app Gmail app.
  2. Tap Search Search.
  3. In the search box at the top of the page, write what you're looking for.
  4. Tap Search Search. Your results will include all messages, except those in Spam and Trash.

Tip: You can also use search operators to filter your search results.

I see suggestions when I search

To help you search faster, Gmail suggests search terms as you type. These search terms are based on information from your Gmail account, like messages, contacts, labels, or past searches.

How searches are saved

To improve search suggestions, your Gmail searches and browsing activity are saved in your Google Account if the Web & App Activity setting is turned on. To see and control your saved activity, visit My Activity.

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