Read messages (Android 2.3)

This information is for the Gmail app for Android 2.2-2.3.

When viewing a list of conversations in your Inbox or in a label, you can open a conversation to read its messages. A conversation opens to the first new (unread) message, or to the first starred message, if you've previously starred a message in the conversation.

  • Use the left and right arrow buttons at the bottom of a message to open the next or previous conversation in the Inbox.

  • Touch your device's Back button to view the last message that you read.

Mark as unread

When reading a message or when its tab is selected, you can press Menu > Mark unread to return a read message to the unread state -- for example, to remind yourself to read it again later.

Expand collapsed messages

Just like in Gmail on a computer, messages that you've previously read are collapsed to save space on your screen.

To expand these messages:

  1. Select the tab that indicates the number of previously read messages.
  2. The tab expands into tabs that list the sender and the first line of each read message.
  3. Select an expanded tab to re-read the message.

The message header shows who sent the message, when, who it was sent to, and other information. For more information, touch Show details.

Contact the sender

You can touch the message sender’s Quick Contact icon to open a list of ways you can quickly contact the sender.