Open your Inbox (Android 2.3)

This information is for the Gmail app for Android 2.2-2.3.

When you open Gmail for the first time, your Inbox is displayed by default. When you return to Gmail after using other applications, the last screen you were working with is displayed.

To return to your Inbox from another section of the app:

  • From a message, press Menu > Go to Inbox
  • From a label, press Menu > More > Go to Inbox

About the Inbox

Preferred Inbox: If you change your preferred inbox to the Priority Inbox in Gmail in the web, you can also set it as your default inbox in Gmail on your phone.

Multiple accounts: Your current Google Account is displayed at the top right of the Inbox. If you have more than one account, touch the current account to switch accounts.

Conversations in your Inbox:

  • sent_to_you indicates messages sent directly to you.
  • sent_to_you indicates messages that you were Cc’d on.
  • Other messages were sent to you as part of a group.

Priority inbox: If you are using Priority Inbox, messages in conversation lists may also indicate whether Gmail or you have marked them as important.

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