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See Gmail in standard or basic HTML version

You can display Gmail on your browser in "Standard view" or "Basic HTML view." Depending on whether your browser works with Gmail, you might see one view or the other.

Standard view

If you're using a browser that works with Gmail, you'll see Gmail in Standard view. When you're in Standard view, you can use all of Gmail's features.

Basic HTML view

If you're using a browser that isn't supported, you'll see Gmail in HTML view.

When you're in Basic HTML view, you won't see some Gmail features, including:

  • Chat
  • Spell checker
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Adding or importing contacts
  • Custom "from" addresses
  • Rich formatting

To get these features, use a browser that works with Gmail.

Switch views

Switch from Basic HTML view to Standard view: Open Gmail using this link. If your browser isn't supported, this view might not work.

Switch from Standard View to Basic HTML view: Visit the Basic HTML version of Gmail.

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