My features disappeared

There are a few reasons you may not see the latest features in Gmail.

  • An unsupported browser

    If you sign in to Gmail using a browser that isn't fully supported, you'll automatically be directed to a basic HTML view of our service. To make sure that you can always access your mail, we've developed this basic HTML view that's compatible with almost any browser.

    Since your browser isn't fully supported, you might notice that some of your favorite features aren't available in the basic HTML view, including the following:

    • Spell checker
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Creating filters
    • Adding, editing, importing, or deleting contacts
    • Custom 'From:' addresses
    • Rich formatting

    If you're directed to the basic HTML view of Gmail, but you'd like to try using the standard Gmail view, visit: Keep in mind that standard view may not work, even with this link, if your browser isn't supported.

    For access to all of Gmail's features, sign in from a fully supported browser, and make sure you have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

  • A Google Apps address

    Addresses issued through Google Apps are just a little different than standard Gmail addresses and may get new features at different times. For more information, please visit the Google Apps Help Center.

  • Another interface language

    Some of the features available in the English setting may not be available when you select another language setting. We're working hard to make all of Gmail's features available in every language setting, so thanks for your patience.

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