Collaborate with Gemini in Gmail (Workspace Labs)

With Gemini in Gmail, you can:

  • Summarize an email thread.
  • Suggest responses to an email thread.
  • Draft an email.
  • Find information from previous emails.
  • Find information from your Google Drive files.

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Get started with Gemini in Gmail

An animation showing how to use Gemini in Gmail to summarize an email in greater detail.

  1. On your computer, open Gmail.
  2. At the top right, click Ask Gemini .
  3. In the side panel, select a suggested prompt or write your own prompt. Select a suggestion
    1. Select from the list of suggestions.
      • To get more options, select More suggestions.
    2. At the bottom, in the prompt box, replace the example text with the info that you want.
    3. Press Enter.
    Enter a prompt in Gemini
    1. At the bottom, in the prompt box, enter a prompt.
    2. Press Enter.
  4. Optional: To remove your history, click More options and then Clear history.
Tip: To avoid losing your history, copy a suggestion into your email. You lose your conversation history when:
  • You refresh your browser.
  • You close and reopen Gmail.

Explore Gemini in Gmail



Ask Gemini

Open Gemini.

More options More

Clear your recent Gemini history and ask for more suggestions.


Make Gemini larger.


Return Gemini to its original size.

Close Close

Close Gemini.

Clear history

Remove all generated text and images you did not insert into the document yet.

More suggestions

Find more suggestions from Gemini.


Copy a suggestion.

Retry with Google Search  Search on Google for more information about your question or request.

View more

View more of the response from Gemini.

View less

Minimize the response from Gemini.

Good suggestion

Give positive feedback about a response from Gemini.

Bad suggestion

Report an issue with a response from Gemini.

Things to ask Gemini in Gmail

Summarize an email thread

Gemini can summarize an email thread with more than 2 replies.

  • If the side panel is open, Gemini summarizes the email thread when you click What’s this email about?
  • If the side panel is closed, at the top of an email thread, click Summarize this email.

In the side panel, you can also prompt to ask for a summary.

  • Examples:
    • “Summarize this email.”
    • “Create a list of action items for me based on this email.”
    • “Explain this email to me like I’m 5 years old.”
Suggest reply options

Gemini can draft a new email or a reply.

  • To get suggested replies:
    1. On your computer, open an email thread.
    2. Click Ask Gemini .
    3. At the bottom of the side panel, click Suggest a reply.
  • To draft a new email, ask Gemini to create the draft.
    • Examples:
      • “Write an announcement email for the launch of Project Clover.”
      • “Create a thank you note to a colleague for their work on Project Clover.”
Find information from previous emails

Gemini can get information on reservations, flights, packages, and other emails sent to your inbox. For example:

  • “When is my package arriving?”
  • “What time is my next flight?”
Search for certain types of emails

Gemini can search for your emails that are unread, from a specific date range and from specific people. Gemini will load the results in a Gmail search. For example:

  • “Show my unread emails.”
  • “Emails from [person] sent last week.”
  • “Show unread emails from this week.”
Find information from your Google Drive files

Gemini can reference files and documents from Google Drive. For example:

  • “What are the main points of the weekly team meeting notes from my documents?”
  • “Summarize my document for Project Clover.”

Tip: To check files that Gemini used in its response, click Sources.

Get help with Gmail
  • “Where can I edit my email filters?”
  • “How can I create a label?”
Ask questions from the web

Important: To get answers from the web, make sure to include phrases like “Use Google Search” or “Using web search” in your prompt.

  • “Write a paragraph describing the weather today in Mountain View, California using web search.”
  • “Help me write a paragraph explaining if lightning can strike the same place twice using only information from the web.”

Give feedback on generated output

Gemini for Google Workspace is constantly learning and may not be able to support your request. Because feedback may be human readable, please do not submit data that contains personal, confidential, or sensitive information.

If you get a suggestion that’s inaccurate or that you feel is unsafe, you can submit feedback. Your feedback can help improve AI-assisted Workspace features and broader Google efforts in AI.

  1. Below the generated output, select Good suggestion or Bad suggestion .
  2. If you select Bad suggestion , you can select the issue you found and enter additional feedback.
    • To review data that will be attached with your feedback, at the bottom, select What data will be attached?
    • If you don’t want to include the data with your feedback, uncheck Attach collected data to your feedback to help us improve the product experience.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Review additional context that you can share with your feedback.
    • If you don’t want to include the additional context with your feedback, uncheck Additional context (content referenced to create outputs).
  5. Select Submit.

To provide general feedback about Gemini, at the top, click Help Help & Feedback And then Send feedback to Google.

To report a legal issue, create a request.

Turn off Gemini in Gmail

To turn off any of the features on Google Workspace Labs, you must exit Workspace Labs. If you exit, you will permanently lose access to all Workspace Labs features, and you won’t be able to rejoin Workspace Labs. Learn more about how to exit Workspace Labs.

Learn about Workspace Labs feature suggestions

  • Workspace Labs feature suggestions don’t represent Google’s views, and should not be attributed to Google.
  • Don’t rely on Workspace Labs features as medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  • Workspace Labs features may suggest inaccurate or inappropriate information. Your feedback makes Workspace Labs more helpful and safe.
  • Don’t include personal, confidential, or sensitive information in your prompts.
  • Google uses Workspace Labs data and metrics to provide, improve, and develop products, services, and machine learning technologies across Google.
  • Your Workspace Labs Data may also be read, rated, annotated, and reviewed by human reviewers. Importantly, where Google uses Google-selected input (as described in the Privacy Notice) to generate output, Google will aggregate and/or pseudonymize that content and resulting output before it is viewed by human reviewers, unless it is specifically provided as part of your feedback to Google.
  • Your conversations with Gemini in Gmail are not saved to Gemini Apps Activity. When you delete your Gemini in Gmail conversation history, it doesn't delete any information that is saved to your Gemini Apps Activity. Learn how to delete your Gemini Apps Activity.
  • Generated images are for use only within Gmail.
  • Workspace Labs generated images are designed to bring your imagination to life in Gmail, and may not represent real world situations.

How Workspace Labs data in Gmail is collected

When you use the Gemini in Gmail side panel, Google uses and stores the following data:

  • Prompts you enter or select.
  • Generated text and images.
  • Google Workspace content that you have access to that is referenced to generate content (both Google-selected input and user-provided input).
  • Your feedback on the Gemini in Gmail side panel.

To understand how this data is used, review the Google Workspace Labs Privacy Notice and Terms for Personal Accounts.

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