Account settings (Android 2.3)

This information is for the Gmail app for Android 2.2-2.3.

There are a number of account-specific settings that you can change in the Gmail application on Android devices.

To access the Gmail app's Account settings menu:

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Select More > Settings > Select account

Manage account settings

Changes to your account settings will only affect the account you selected.

Priority Inbox
You can make Priority Inbox your default inbox, so it opens when you start Gmail with new messages (instead of Inbox). This setting is not visible unless you have configured Gmail on the web to show Priority Inbox.

Enter text to append to every message you send.

Confirm actions
Select which actions open a dialog asking you to confirm that action: archiving, deleting, and sending messages.

Reply all
When checked, replaces the Reply button in message headers with the Reply all button, so you don’t need to touch the arrow to access it.

Set which screen opens when you delete or archive a conversation whose messages you are viewing: the messages in the next conversation, the previous conversation, or the Inbox or other conversation list you’re working with.

Message text size
Select the size of text in the messages you read.

Batch operations
When checked, adds a check box to the left of each conversation, so you can add it to a batch.

Sync inboxes and labels
Opens the Labels screen, where you can manage which labels are synchronized.

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Notification settings

You can set specific notification settings for an individual Gmail account.

Email notifications
When checked, you'll receive a notification when you have new email.

Labels to notify
Manage your notification preferences by label. You can only manage notification settings by label for labels that are synced.

Notification volumes and some synchronization settings are changed in the Settings application. See Settings.

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