Gmail Offline: Get started

Gmail Offline is a Google Chrome app that lets you read and manage messages when you don’t have an Internet connection. You can even compose messages that will be sent when you’re back online.

Gmail Offline is only available for the Google Chrome web browser. Download Google Chrome.


Get the Chrome app

  1. Go to the app's page in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click the + Free button.
  3. Click Add.
Install Gmail Offline

Optional: Get the Chrome extension to improve performance

The Gmail Offline Sync Optimizer helps you sync messages faster, improve battery life, and keep Chrome fast.

  1. Go to the extension’s page in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click the + Free button.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Refresh any open Gmail Offline pages you may have open.

Get the extension

Get started

Gmail Offline app icon

Open Gmail Offline

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome.
  2. Click Apps in the bookmarks bar near the top of the page.
  3. Click the Gmail Offline icon.

Allow offline mail

When you first use Gmail Offline, you’ll be prompted to allow offline mail storage:

  • Choose Allow offline mail, unless you’re using a shared or public computer.
  • If you choose Don’t allow offline mail, you won’t be able to access messages while you’re offline.

Learn more about offline data storage.

Navigate the app

  • Access your labels with the iOS Menu icon Menu icon.
  • While reading messages, find more actions like “Mark as unread” under the Down arrow icon arrow icon.
  • Change your settings with the iOS Gear Icon gear icon.
  • Add, switch or sign out of your accounts by clicking your account name in the lower left.
  • Check if you’re offline with the connection status message in the lower left.

Send messages

Click Compose button Compose to start writing messages. Your messages will be sent automatically when you’re back online. If you have a custom signature, it will be added to your messages when they’re sent.

You can add attachments, but the maximum size for a single attachment is 5 MB and the total size limit for all attachments in the message is 25 MB.

Mobile web
If you get to Gmail using the web browser on your phone or tablet, this information is for you.

Gmail offers basic offline functionality if you've recently visited Gmail using your mobile web browser.

Basic offline functionality includes:

  • Opening recently read messages
  • Composing mail

Basic offline access is only available for one Gmail address (the first one you access in the browser).


  • Offline functionality may not be available for your device.
  • Messages and other information may be cached on your device for offline use. You can access and clear this information in your browser's settings.
This information is for the official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You can use some features of the Gmail iOS app while offline:

  • Read a limited amount of cached conversations.
  • Compose messages that will be sent when you are back online.

Learn more