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"This message could be a scam" warning

About this warning

We'll show you a warning above any message that looks like a phishing scam but comes from an address in your Gmail contacts list. When a suspicious message like this is sent from an email address of someone on your contact list, it's possible that the person's email account was compromised and used without their permission to send a malicious message.

What you can do

Read the message and decide if it seems like it was written by the sender. Consider whether it sounds like the person you know, contains suspicious links or content, or asks you to do unusual things like send money or provide personal details. If you believe the message is a scam:
  1. Don't respond. To be safe, don't provide any personal information, wire money, reply to the message, or follow any links.
  2. Let Google know. If it seems like your contact's email account was compromised and used to send this message, please click Report this suspicious message within the warning. The message will be marked as ‘sent from a compromised account,’ and you'll send a report to the Gmail team to help us improve our detection of compromised accounts. Your contact's account will not be penalized and you'll continue to receive messages from this account in the future.
  3. Let your friend know. If you know the person on your contact list, please tell them about the suspicious message (not via email--instead try calling, texting, or talking in person). Suggest that they immediately change the password to their email account, and pass along our Gmail Security Checklist.
If you believe the message really comes from the person you know:
Let Google know. If you’ve confirmed with the sender that this message is legitimate, please click Ignore, I trust this message to make the warning disappear. Your feedback will help improve the accuracy of the systems we use to detect accounts that could be compromised.

Vivian is a Gmail expert and the author of this help page. Leave her feedback about this help page.

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