Connected profiles

Google profiles connected to your contacts help to keep your contact entries up to date; updates in the profile automatically appear in your contact manager.

Seeing information about your contacts

Some of your contacts will have information you might not have entered yourself. This information can come from one of two sources:

  1. If your contact has a Google profile associated with any email address, including an alternate email address, or profile link you’ve stored in that contact’s entry, you'll see information from their profile beneath the information you've entered. Only information the contact has made public, or has allowed you to see, will be visible to you.
  2. Google Apps users only: Many Google Apps domain administrators create profile information for their users, with information like name, job title, phone numbers, and office location. You'll see this information when you look at the contact entry for someone in your Google Apps domain. This information is only shared within the domain.

You won't be able to edit the data that comes from profiles, and it won’t overwrite any details you've entered yourself. Because these profile details are from the Google profile associated with the contact's email address, changing the address for your contact will remove the profile information from your contact manager.

By default, information that comes from other people’s profiles will appear in a separate section below the information you entered yourself. You can choose to blend these details together by clicking the view switcher buttons at the top right of the contact entry.

While this profile data doesn’t sync with mobile devices, there are still ways to access it from many devices:

Google+ users
You can install the Google+ mobile app, or navigate to the Google+ mobile web app, and you will be able to see the profile information for anyone in your circles.
Google Apps users with Android devices
If you have an Android 4.0 device (Ice Cream Sandwich), use the People app to search for anyone in your directory and view their profile information. For older versions of Android, use the Google Apps Lookup app to view the profile of anyone in your company directory. Contact your domain administrator for help setting it up.
Google Apps users
If you use a smartphone that has the ability to connect to a company directory, contact your domain administrator for help setting up this feature.

If you need to sync a particular piece of information on your mobile device, you can copy it from the profile section into one of the editable fields in the contact entry. Then it will sync to your device along with the rest of the contact data that you’ve entered yourself.

Sharing information about yourself

If you have a Google profile, information from that profile will also appear in the contact managers of other Google users who already have your primary email address, any alternate email addresses you've set up, or your profile link saved. Only details you’ve shared publicly or to specific people through circles or contact groups will appear in their contact entry for you. You need a profile to share information this way.

To check your profile's settings, click your name or email address at the top right of Gmail and select Profile.

You’ll see an option to edit your profile on that page. Google+ users can also see how their profiles look to others. For each field, you’ll be given the option to select the people to whom you’d like to share that information.

Your email address can always be used to find your profile. However, sharing your profile details doesn’t share your email address by default. Anyone who only knows your profile’s URL (from adding you to a circle on Google+, for instance) and doesn’t have your email address in their contacts will only see the profile details you’ve chosen to share with them or share publicly, not your email address.

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