TensorFlow Playground

About TensorFlow Playground

TensorFlow Playground is a browser-based application for learning about and experimenting with neural networks. Use TensorFlow Playground to visualize how changes to hyperparameters influence a machine learning model. 

What kind of product is TensorFlow Playground?

TensorFlow Playground is an open-source project. Although originally created at Google, TensorFlow Playground is not an official Google product and it is not supported by Google. 

How do I modify the TensorFlow Playground source code?

For details on modifying source code, see https://github.com/tensorflow/playground/

How do I view known issues (and report new issues) in TensorFlow Playground?

For a discussion of issues, see https://github.com/tensorflow/playground/issues.

How do I use TensorFlow Playground?

Machine Learning Crash Course contains several exercises based on TensorFlow Playground. The first of these exercises explains how to get started with TensorFlow Playground. Subsequent TensorFlow Playground exercises introduce more features of TensorFlow Playground. 

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