Backpropagation algorithm visual explanation

Machine Learning Crash Course contains a "Backpropagation algorithm visual explanation," which relies on a scrollytelling. A scrollytelling is a browser-based explanation that updates when you scroll down.

How do I use a scrollytelling?

To use a scrollytelling, simply scroll down. After you scroll far enough, the application will display new text and update the diagram. 

To return to a previous screen, simply scroll up.

I scrolled down, but nothing happened.

Sometimes, you just need to scroll down a little more. If you've scrolled and scrolled but nothing happened, then the scrollytelling application isn't supported on your device or your browser. For instance, the scrollytelling application isn't supported on tablets or phones.

I don't understand the math in the explanation.

That's okay—you don't have to understand the math behind backpropagation in order to write machine learning programs. Backpropagation relies on some fairly sophisticated calculus. If you'd like to learn more about the math behind backpropagation, search for tutorials on the following topics:

  • calculus derivatives
  • chain rule 

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