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Subtracts a specified time interval from a date.

Sample usage



DATETIME_SUB(datetime_expression, INTERVAL integer part)


  • datetime_expression - a Date or a Date & Time field or expression.
  • integer - a whole numeric field or expression representing the number of parts to subtract.
  • part - the unit of time measurement to subtract. DATETIME_ADD supports the following values for part:
    • MICROSECOND: available for Date & Time fields or expressions.
    • MILLISECOND: available for Date & Time fields or expressions.
    • SECOND: available for Date & Time fields or expressions.
    • MINUTE: available for Date & Time fields or expressions.
    • HOUR: available for Date & Time fields or expressions.
    • DAY
    • WEEK: This date part begins on Sunday.
    • ISOWEEK: Uses ISO 8601 week boundaries. ISO weeks begin on Monday.
    • MONTH
    • YEAR
    • ISOYEAR: Uses the ISO 8601 week-numbering year boundary. The ISO year boundary is the Monday of the first week whose Thursday belongs to the corresponding Gregorian calendar year.

Return data type

Date & Time


Example formula Output
DATETIME_SUB(DATETIME "2008-12-25 15:30:00", INTERVAL 10 MINUTE) 2008-12-25 15:20:00
DATETIME_SUB(DATE "2008-12-25", INTERVAL 5 DAY) 2008-12-20


This function is not available for compatibility mode date types.

Special handling is required for MONTH, QUARTER, and YEAR parts when the date is at (or near) the last day of the month. If the resulting month has fewer days than the original Date or Date & Time's day, then the result day is the last day of the new month.

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