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Connect Looker Studio to different Google accounts

Access to Google data is based on the account with which you sign into Looker Studio. This means that a data source can only directly connect to a single Google account. To connect Looker Studio to different accounts, you have the following options:

Share the data with yourself

Suppose you want to create a report with data from Google Sheets belonging to 2 different Google accounts? One solution is to share the Sheet with each account. Then either account can create data sources using those Sheets.

Another solution is to create data sources in one account, then share those data sources with the other account. For example, suppose you have data in accounts A and B, and you want to create Looker Studio reports using account A. To include data from account B, you could do the following:

  1. Sign into Looker Studio using the account B.
  2. Create the data source.
  3. Make sure the data source uses Owner's Credentials.
  4. Share the data source with account A, with edit permission.

You can then return to account A and use the shared data source in your reports.

Note that only the data source owner can refresh or reconnect a data source, so you'll need to make any schema changes to the shared data source as account B.

Use the data control

The data control allows a report viewer to switch the report to any account to which they have access. The data control is available for a subset of the available connectors.

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