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Get a link to your report

You can generate a short URL to a Looker Studio report to share, use in web pages, or do anything else you can do with links.

Get a report link

  1. View or edit the report.
  2. In the upper right, click the down arrow next to Share and then select Get report link Link.
    1. Alternatively, you can select a button on the report to get the link, if available.
  3. Click COPY LINK.

Share the report

Before you give the link to someone, be sure to share the report with them. At a minimum, give the other person the Viewer role.

In the Get report link dialog, click View sharing settings to change how the report is shared with others.

If you choose to share the link with a public audience, viewers who are not directly invited will not be able to see the owner of the report nor the other people with whom you've shared the report.

Include your current report view

When checked, the Link to your current report view option adds the current report configuration to the link.

The current report view includes any changes you've made that limit or refine the data displayed in the report, such as:

  • Applying filters
  • Changing the date range
  • Using a data control

The current report view also includes chart interactions, such as:

  • Setting table pagination
  • Applying a cross filter
  • Selecting optional metrics
  • Drilling down

Using the Link to your current report view option lets you tailor the report so that users with whom you share the link see the report the way you want.

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