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Graph negative numbers

Set Axis min to (auto) to display negative and mixed values in charts.

As of 2019-01-16, the default value for Axis min is (auto), so you'll only need to change this for older charts.

Previously, the default Axis min setting was "0." 

To display metrics with negative values in a chart, set the Axis min option to (auto)

  1. Edit your report.
  2. Select the chart.
  3. Select the STYLE panel.
  4. Locate the main axis settings: for default charts, this will be the left axis, but could also be right or bottom, depending on how you've customized your chart.
  5. Change the Axis min value to (auto) by deleting the current setting. 


Here's an example of how charts look with Axis min 0 versus Axis min (auto):

Six column charts organized into two columns of three charts. The first column displays charts with the Axis Min set to 0, and the second column displays charts with the Axis Min set to auto.

  1. Data in the top charts contains mixed negative and positive values.
    1. Charts on the left are set to use Axis min: 0.
    2. Charts on the right use Axis min: (auto).
    3. Note how the last two dimension values ("Green" and "Blue") appear in the charts.
  2. Data in the middle charts only contains positive values. In this case, there is no difference between 0 and (auto) settings.
  3. Data in the bottom charts only contains negative values. Here, using the (auto) setting on the right provides the correct visualization.

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