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Chart cross-filtering

Turn your charts into interactive filters.

Cross-filtering lets you interact with one chart and apply that interaction as a filter to other charts in the report. When cross-filtering is turned on for a chart, you can filter the report by interacting with that chart in two ways:

  • Click one or more dimension values in the chart.
  • Select an area by clicking and dragging your mouse across a time series, line chart, or area chart.
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How cross-filtering works

Cross-filtering works in the same way as other controls. For example, a pie chart based on the Country dimension lets you filter your report in the same way as a drop-down list control based on the Country dimension. Brushing a time series acts in the same way as a date range control.

Cross-filtering can be restricted to groups, just like other controls.

Enable cross-filtering

Cross-filtering is turned on for most connector types by default. However, to improve performance, Ads-related connectors have cross-filtering turned off.

Turn cross-filtering on or off

  1. Edit your report.
  2. Select a chart.
  3. On the right, scroll to the bottom of the DATA properties panel.
  4. In the Chart interactions section, click Cross-filtering.
  5. Repeat these steps for each chart you want to use as a filter.

Reset chart filters

You can reset a chart filter to the default in several ways:

  • Right-click the chart, then select Reset Action.
  • Deselect the selected dimensions by clicking them.
  • Click somewhere on the border of chart you are filtering by.

Limits of chart interactions

  • Cross-filtering isn't available in scorecards or bullet charts.
  • You can't cross filter by the "Others" category.
  • Cross-filtering is subject to the same limits as other controls in terms of filtering across data sources.

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